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In Case You Missed It: What Happened in Art, Fashion, Pop Culture
Christie’s gets a new CEO; Fashion is in love with the 80s; Anish Kapoor can’t have the ‘pinke...
Entertainment 19 Dec 2016

Tis the week to be jolly, TAGers! We are just six days away until Christmas day: turkey is bought, tree is up, table centrepieces are ready, and champagne bottles are in stock. Falalala lalala!
As 2016 quickly comes to a close, predictions for the year 2017 have been set regarding the fashion and art industry. Many foresee that the 80s are to be the next fashion trend next year, while art journalists believe Christie’s and Sotheby’s could merge into one monstrous and powerful organization. Another terrifying rumor has surfaced: will Donald Trump make Sylvester Stallone the NEA (National Endowment of the Arts) Chairman?

More details below…
#1  A New CEO At Christie’s
Guillaume Cerutti will become Christie’s new CEO in January 2017, replacing Patrizia Barbizet. Prior to his former role as president of Christie’s EMERI (Europe, Middle East, Russia, India), Cerutti was in the auction house’s rival Sotheby’s as Deputy Chairman for Europe and CEO for France.
#2  From Rocky to Bureaucrat
Rumors are circulating that Rocky Balboa actor, Sylvester Stallone has been handpicked by Donald Trump to become the head of the National Endowment for the Arts. Could this be? Although, according to sources, Stallone is a serious art collector and is devoting himself to his painting career.
#3  Fashion’s New Found Love Affair: the 80s
The 80s are in and the 70s are out according to various fashion sources. 2017 will be a time to renew wardrobes and accessories from powersuits, ruffles, to streetwear, and more ruffles. Come January, get ready to kick it like Madonna!
#4  Rolls-Royce Art Programme Unveils Yang Fudong’s Commission
Rolls-Royce recently unveiled Chinese artist Yang Fudong’s artwork as part of the company’s Rolls-Royce Art Programme at the Shanghai Center of Photography in the West Bund art area. The artist produced a black and white video piece titled “Moving Mountains”,  inspired by an old fable “the foolish man” as well as ink paintings by master painter Xu Beihong. View the teaser video below!

#5  Anish Kapoor Banned From Using ‘Pinkest Pink’ Pigment
British artist Anish Kapoor is allegedly banned from using the ‘pinkest pink’ pigment created by artist Stuart Semple. This new paint was developed in an act of retaliation since Kapoor received exclusive rights to the world’s darkest black pigment “Vantablack”, therefore becoming the only artist in the world to use the black paint.

Photos via: artnet; alertadigital.com; RollingStone.com; Anish Kapoor; conceptcarz.comeatlovesavor.comPurple.fr

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