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You come first!

Advanced invitations for IRL events, fair tickets, merch, or masterclasses

Inner Circle Communication

– A dedicated “ask us anything email” for speedy check-ins
– Community group chats for fairs/biennales
– CLOSE FRIENDS status on Insta (just wait and see what we got in store there)

Global Network

Whatever is on your desk, reach out to the global network – from Paris to Osaka, Yerevan to LA

Wanna be Close Friends?

Our goal at TheArtGorgeous is to make the art world accessible, to include you all, share the seat at the table and move together towards a #youcansitwithus artworld.

We are aware you are everywhere on this planet, truly, our recent survey confirmed that you hail from every single continent and that makes us super proud. So we decided to create this community at a price point that really is affordable for all.

We did not only call this “Close Friends” cause it’s funny and insta and whatnot. We mean it. As you can imagine at this price point this is not making anyone rich. We are hoping to be able to better support and empower you this way.

Let’s be Close Friends!
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