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When Consume Worshipping Gets Surreal
This photographer makes things look better than they are...
Fempire 05 Oct 2018

Visual artist, Utrecht

There is a glossy level all over Wyne Veen’s mostly photographic work and the underlying theme seems “Consumerism meets Conceptual”. Having teamed up with various brands and clients – from Rolex to IKEA – one should not oversee a rather philosophical perspective within the sleek appearance. Her uber-constructions are here to demonstrate the desire for perfection yet a weakness.
“By isolating objects I give people the option to reinterpret and look at things in a more open way. Presenting objects in my created non-environment I try to show things as they really are, stripped from any pre-contextual connotations”, says Veen and via displacing everyday objects from their daily environment, they often become somewhat out of this world. The results are often surreal and absurd, yet aesthetically extremely appealing and smartly constructed. From her gifs to her photo series, there is lots to explore – and to worship.
In the art world currently I find most exciting that…
We get to thank Hannah Gadsby for ‘Nanette’
Thank you Hannah. And thank you all other brave ladies and gentlemen.
I was just in the Amsterdam Museum, and I had the feeling they tried to show a bit of a refreshing perspective on the pride of the collective Dutch golden age heritage. They had a room teaching the visitor about ‘marketing of a city’ which was full of cynical quotes about the Dutch oppressive past. The whole room was also painted red/pink, I wonder if it was after ashamed blushing cheeks?
Number of unanswered mails in your account today…
Calling is the best.
Perfect working outfit…
Something soft and stretchy, no pockets actually, it should just be as absent as possible. I would love to design my perfect working outfit and just get a couple of them. I studied fashion design for a little while, I am starting to mis it a bit.
Your everyday online art read is…
I am not pro ‘every day’ art reading if you are an artist, but I do often love Stefan Simchowitz, Jerry Saltz, and a Nicolas Berggruen quote.
Most ridiculous thing you ever bought…
I bought this glass dog on a market in Belgium and I loved it so so so much
And then I tried to copy it: you be the judge of the success. It is one of my first sculptures without using existing objects in the final work. I felt just about as professional in the creation process as the dog looks sane. I love that these glass blown tourist souvenirs all get their own expression. Not a single one has the same mood.
This song brings you in a good mood straight away…
Would be nice to swap gender here
La Roux
& this one is more for beautiful sadness
Isaac Hayes
Walk on by
Favorite art x brand collaboration…
On world emoji day – the most amazing day, thank you Jeremy Burge – it felt like Versace & United Nations did a collaboration. I liked seeing them together.
Your first post on Instagram…
A glass apple with flying styrofoam I made in 2012
Favorite hashtag…
Your art world muses…
2 people, I got to know a little bit 2 years ago
Cy Gavin is one of the friendliest, eloquent, smart, talented funny strong energized artists I have met. I love it when he films animals in his secluded studio nature space. And when he addresses history and divided worlds in his work in a way that resonates deeply.
Sam McKinniss is a painter and also a great writer who is a joy to be around with his wit, sweetness and dark humor, ok this is a rather daft expression, but Sam has Flair 20181005_emoji
Describe yourself with three emojis…
? ? ? ?
white flag
heart with arrow
Art world gent I would love to have lunch with…
Stanley Whitney. His works are so visceral. The paintings seem to stop time and perception for me. It feels like something is shifting in my brain and body when I am standing in front of one of the paintings. It is insane how much separate moments there are in his work. I wouldn’t want to call these moments stories or patterns or color contrasts, they feel like tiny entities.
I wonder how these intense memories of his work would combine with meeting him for lunch.
Wolfgang Tillmans. We would talk about what to do with all the photos I care about so deeply, but that seems to have such a different place in the world these days. I appreciate how Wolfgang creates more political awareness, at the same time I am not sure if this is too much preaching to the choir.
Artist(s) we should have on our watch list is/are…
I love
Loie Hollowell
Louis Fratino
Always Austin Lee < 3
Instagram: @wyneveen

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Vogue Italia - Milano, IT
Junior Presentation Designer
Howard Hughes - Remote
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Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam