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In Conversation with the 'Gold Card Anarchist' Toby Mott
You better know this punk historian.
Men Crush 08 Oct 2018

Toby Mott
Toby Mott is a British artist, designer and Punk historian known for his work with the Grey Organisation and his fashion brand Toby Pimlico. More recently he has been renowned for his Mott Collection, an archive of UK punk rock and political ephemera and his new venture into events with Cultural Traffic Airs Fair.

Cultural Traffic Arts Fair is a roving, global, anti-elitist arts and publishing fair, with past editions taking place in some of the most progressive cultural hubs across the globe, including New York, Detroit, and Miami. For one day only this October 7th it’s coming to East London’s Old Spitalfields Market, coinciding with Frieze Art Fair. Exhibitors at the fair, both London-based and international, include artists, printmakers, photographers, creators, makers of small publishing imprints, ‘zines, music labels, and fashion designers. This coincides with a program of events running throughout the fair, including music and spoken words performances.
Cultural Traffic London
From committing art terrorism, being an art director for MTV and appearing in Gilbert & George’s films to designing an album cover for De La Soul we were really interested to hear what the now self-proclaimed ‘Gold Card Anarchist’ had to say about himself before heading to his event this Sunday.
My signature outfit… Turnbull & Asser pink silk hanky in the top pocket of my navy-blue jacket
I would never wear… trainers
My spirit animal is… an elephant
The number of unanswered emails in my account today… over 100
I never leave the house without… my American express card
On a plane I normally… sleep with my cashmere blanket
My last 3 played songs were… ‘Running Riot’ Cock Sparrer, ‘Water Pumping’ Johnny Osbourne, ‘Get Money’ Junior M.A.F.I.A. featuring The Notorious B.I.G
My 5 dream guests for a dinner party would be… The Spice Girls
Toby Mott Spice Girls
Spice Girls via Toby Mott Instagram
What’s on for dinner tonight… fried chicken
In the art world, I currently find most exciting that… the Cultural Traffic Arts Fair is growing at a rapid pace
Cultural Traffic London 2
My daily art read is… Instagram
In my bedroom, I have an artwork by… Luciana Martinez de la Rosa
My top three arty cities are … Detroit, London, Miami
My favourite art-world ladies are… Fay Burnett, Eva Hesse
We would love to hear the conversation around the table with Toby Mott and the Spice Girls tucking into a fried chicken dinner.

You can see him in person at the Cultural Traffic Arts Fair this Sunday 7th October 10am – 5pm.
Old Spitalfields Market, London
Follow @culturaltraffic for more information
All images via Toby Mott’s Instagram
Interview by Peigi Mackillop

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