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Copenhagen's Version of Charlie's Angels
Code is a fairly new, ambitious art fair located in Copenhagen, one of the world’s most vibrant an...
Fempire 08 Aug 2017

Copenhagen’s Version of Charlie’s Angels
Team of Code Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark

Code is a fairly new, ambitious art fair located in Copenhagen, one of the world’s most vibrant and forward-looking capitals – not only for art. Code’s mission is to discover and showcase some of the best contemporary art from around the world and their list of participating galleries is mind-blowing:
From trending Arcadia Missa to heavyweight Perrotin.
What else than a power (and by the way: female only) team can we expect behind this programming: Spearheaded by director Julie Leopold Alf with her curators Caroline Bøge and Irene Campolmi, this is the fair you should have pencilled in your diary latest by now.
Our chat with the charming trio will get you ready for the Danish big bang, opening its doors end of this month.

In the art world currently I find most exciting that…

Caroline: There is an interest in discovering the work of mature, overlooked artists instead of the constant chase for the next young thing.
Julie: There are many new possibilities for collectors on the web – for instance the new app Artland for art collectors. International art lovers love to meet up at fairs and other events, but this also gives them the opportunity to link up in a professional online community. At Code, Artland will present a special exhibition with artworks from young collectors to inspire the visitors to start their own collections – I find that exciting!
Irene: Over the past two years, there is a pervading broad.

Number of unanswered mails in your account…
Caroline: Less than ten. Even though I am officially on vacation, I want to be on top of things.
Julie: Who’s counting?
Irene: 28.

My perfect working outfit…
Caroline: It’s conservative: black pants, silk blouse, and of course…heels.
Julie: Heels
Irene: TOTAL BLACK – either a jumpsuit or a dress, I think you would never see me wearing trousers.

My favourite new brand discovery…

Caroline: The Danish luxury clothing label Cecilie Bahnsen, who combine couture craftsmanship with sculptural silhouettes in a modern and feminine expression.
Julie: After my Italian holiday, I recently re-discovered the playful Dolce Gabbana. It is like putting on a passionate life and sunny weather. Sometimes very needed in Scandinavia;)
Irene: Battles.

My everyday online art read is…
Caroline: I go through a lot of them, but like to read more in depth at Kunstkritikk.com
Julie: Kunsten.nu and Art Gorgeous!
Irene: It depends on the days. Years ago, when I lived in NYC for a short while, I used to read the New York Times Art Section every day. Now I prefer e-flux, Mousse, CURA, Spike, Artsy, Artnet, and Kunstkritik. Usually, I spend 2-3 hours per day reading art news. Along with travelling, that’s the only way to be updated on the latest trends. But it depends on the article, the subject, the author…and, above all, how much time I want to spend on it!

My necessary extravagance is…

Caroline: Eating sweets everyday.
Julie: Bailey in my coffee. Every morning.
Irene: to wear femme fatale hats, both in summer and winter, even to go to work (Denmark makes it a hard task as you always bike to go everywhere!); to never miss an opening party; to treat myself with an aperitivo whenever I want it; to travel to warm and sunny locations to refresh the mind and the spirit; to surround myself with good company, eat nice food, drink excellent wine and constantly search for beauty.

Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever bought…

Caroline: A Halloween lobster costume for by bulldog.
Julie: A very, very short Heidi-costume. Don’t ask!
Irene: Don’t have any recent memory, actually.
My ultimate secret after long working hours…
Caroline: Hot bath, glass of wine, and watching Game of Thrones with my hubby.
Julie: This time only Baileys…
Irene: you said it, it’s a secret! Can’t tell you, then;-)

The favourite collaboration of the art…
Caroline: Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian collection from the mid 60’s.
Julie: Through all times, I loved the Louis Vuitton X Takashi Murakami collaboration.
Irene: I love Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Yayoi Kusama. Her decoration of the 5th Avenue’s shop was a piece of art!

My favourite hashtag…

Caroline: #itrytosticktoinformatoryhashtagssuchasartistnamesandsuch
Julie: #codeartfair
Irene: #keepgoing #curatorontour #blondecurator

On my office table I always have…
Caroline: Water and chocolate.
Julie: a mess…
Irene: A ginger shot or ginger tea, hand cream, a few postcards of works of art I bought in museums during my travels, some art books that I never consult but whose presence reassures me.

The most arty city is…
Caroline: New York.
Julie: Copenhagen, of course!
Irene: New York, then Berlin. They are very different, but I lived there and literally left a piece of me in these two cities.

Caroline Bøge_theartgorgeous
Who are the best dressed in the art world…
Caroline: EVA & ADELE.
Julie: The French and the Italians
Irene: I guess by ‘best’ you mean ‘original’ or ‘stylish’. You can buy beautiful clothes but not a nice style. If the motto is “dress to impress”, I think Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, curator at large at Documenta 14 and co-director of SAVVY Contemporary and Galerie Wedding, wins.

Describe yourself with three emojis…
Caroline: ? ? ?
Julie: That’s easy!? ❤️ Bottle With Popping Cork on Apple iOS 10.3
Irene:☀️ Woman Running on Apple ⚡️ 
Art world gent I would love to have lunch with…
Caroline: William Kentridge.
Julie: My husband (gallerist and art dealer)
Irene: All the people I will have lunch with within the next years!

01Caroline Bøge_theartgorgeous
Artist(s) we should have on our watch list is/are…

Caroline: five strong Danish women: Lea Porsager, Lea Guldditte Hestelund, Mille Kalsmose, Gun Gordillo, and Lone Haugaard Madsen.
Julie: I can name many! But why not go for the exciting three Danes we present in the artistic program at Code 2: Tue Greenfort (DK), Peter Voss-Knude (DK) and Rune Bosse (DK) .
Irene: I have a handful list of artists, but to be synthetic I would say: Alexandra Pirici, Anne Imhof, Donna Kakuma, Nora Turato, Phoebe Berglung, Sethembile Msezane, Jacopo Miliani, Jerome Bel, Marinella Senatore, Mika Rottenberg, Larry Achiampong, Nastio Mosquito, Carlos Motta, Koki Tanaka, John Akromfra, Basim Magdy, Jesper Just, SUPERFLEX, Sol Calero, Rainer Ganahl, Alfredo Aceto, Julienne Carriere, and many many others…

Instagram: codeartfair

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