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Crazy slap week
A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture
Entertainment 01 Apr 2022

While you digest the Oscars scandal and see all the posts about it, the ones in favor of Will and the ones in favor of non-violence, this is what happened in the world of fashion, art and entertainment.

1. Kim’s Booty Shorts by Beate Karlsson

Beate Karlsson is known for her strange quirky shapes and alien claw shoes that are very practical today. But this time he surprised us with a series of sculptures in silicone and with the appearance of ‘human skin’ but everything so far normal in his work. What caught the most attention was his Kim Kardashian shorts. What? Now, you can wear shorts in the shape of the star’s butt interpreted by the artist.

All of these sculptures are portable and can be worn as an item of clothing.

Although in this series there are other garments/sculptures such as shoes and coats that imitate the human body in a surreal version, the ‘Kardashian Butt’ will undoubtedly be the most commented piece.

The goal of the Swedish artist is to distort the figures and give them unrecognizable dimensions looking for an aesthetic in the exaggeration of forms as an episode of rebellion against the consumer society and its incessant search for the aesthetic of what is accepted.

2. Woman Portrait Boghossian Foundation – BR

From March 24 to September 4, 2022.

Brussels wants to position itself as a cultural capital with an extensive program of exhibitions that will run from this spring to next fall, but one of the must-sees is the Villa Empain exhibition, which takes us on a historical tour of the role of women through the time objects and history.

The exhibition that bears the name “Portrait of a Lady” illustrates through a series of works of art representing women, from prehistory to today, as well as the journey of some exceptional women. The exhibition seeks to unite different cultures and civilizations from the East and West, bringing together a selection of ancient and contemporary pieces.

The project presents portraits of unknown and famous women, giving relevance to women in all their representations, origins and cultural contexts.

3. Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week

It was to be expected this ecstatic moment for fashion and technology geeks where all the brands present in the metaverse can participate.

This time I had the pleasure of following the Philipp Plein brand that has jumped into the metaverse and now wants to plant its flag. First step was the acquisition of Plein Plaza for $1.4M USD, then the 120-meter-high virtual skyscraper and the first establishment in the building: the PHILIPP PLEIN Group founded the NFT Museum of Arts (M.O.N.A.).

During the Metaverse Fashion Week, PHILIPP PLEIN has been the protagonist with its first wearable NFTs collection. Seven outfits inspired by the main drops of the Fall Winter ’22 collection.

Characteristic figures of the brand and with a digital electric angel halo to leave their mark on the metaverse.

Although the competition is increasing and more and more maras are setting their sights on this universe, it is clear that the brands that are at the forefront are those that are not afraid of being risky and getting carried away by new trends.

4. Danse Courcheval Danse x Pauline Bricout

To end this surreptitious week between war, cheeks and butts “à la Kardashian” we enter the universe of two artists who came together to give us the most arty musical video you will see this season. The artist Pauline Bricout designed a video full of paradoxes and clear references to history of contemporary art such as Maurizio Cattelan, Damien Hirst but taking it to a trashy and surreal extreme with a clear criticism of the world of the art market, all this accompanied by the rhythm of Courcheval, a funky group alternative to french touch. All this to end this strange week of extreme reflections.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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