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From Crying Brad to Solange at Guggenheim – The Best of Art x Celebrity in 2017
From Brad Pritt Crying in the Everglades to Solange at Guggenheim - The Biggest Celebrity x Art Mome...
Art Stuff 03 Jan 2018

From Brad Pitt Crying in the Everglades to Solange at Guggenheim – The Biggest Celebrity x Art Moments of 2017

Art and celebrities – they are inseparable, from the nobles and rich merchants in Renaissance till nowadays. T memorable arty moments of this year among celebrities who steadily trade the red carpet for the art world. in 2017, there were quite a few notable moments when celebrities traded the red carpet for art projects.

Yes, we did see Julia Stiles playing a curator in “Riviera” and Britney Spears debuted in painting while Adele sold handcrafts on Etsy. But undoubtedly, this are our favourite art x celebrity moments of 2017.

Since we love to know who made it on your top list, please vote for your favourite here – and it is not unlikely that you will be one of the lucky winners of an exclusive Aesop gift bag.       

Swizz Beatz’s Commission Fair
The innovative, experiential art and music platform No Commission went global as they held three, world-class events in 2017.
With stops in Shanghai, Berlin and Miami, Swizz Beatz continued the success story of his No Commission art fair project in collaboration with Bacardi to support creativity around the world inviting artists to display their works directly to the visitors.
Leonardo Di Caprio Casted to Play DaVinci
“DaVinci” became one of the art world phrases in the past year when the acclaimed “Salvator Mundi” wrote history when being hammered for an incredible 450 Mio USD – apparently to a Saudi prince.
The avid art collector Leonardo DiCaprio being announced to play the renaissance painter in a Paramount production in fall 2018 was definitely a memorable moment in art x celeb gossip last year. And we bet you didn’t know that DiCaprio was named Leonardo because his mum – when pregnant – apparently felt his first kick in her tummy while standing in front of one of DaVinci`s masterpieces in an Italian museum.
 Jay-Z loves Dogs
The hip-hop star performed at the V Festival in Staffordshire in front of a 40-foot, inflatable Jeff Koons balloon dog accompanying him on stage. Social media shots showing “King of Rap” with the giant metallic dog—and little else—in the background went viral minutes after the show began.
Ähnliches Foto
Solange Performs at Guggenheim & Chinati
At Marfa`s Chinati Foundation, Beyonce`s sister, Solange Knowles, performed in front of Donald Judd`s 15 works in concrete, named “Untitled” on October 8.
Her arty performance “Scales” made huge noise when being shown at the Guggenheim last spring and we are excited which arty backdrop she chooses for her next gig. Ideas?

Ryan McGinley on Epic Road Trip with Brad
Ryan McGinley`s shooting of Brad Pitt for GQ magazine took the two handsome on an epic road trip across the US. Talking divorce and becoming a better man, Pitt was captured in breathtaking shots flying through the Everglades and jumping across the dunes in White Sands. The image capturing him with tears in his eyes didn’t seem to melt Angelina`s heart but certainly ours. Well done, Ryan!
Urs Fischer`s Version of Katy Perry
For his latest piece, the New York-based artist Urs Fischer created a giant bust of pop star, Katy Perry – and visitors were asked to pull off the white surface and add their own signature in rainbow clay to the bust. Obviously a fan of Fischer, Perry approached the artist to create a model of the cover of her album Witness being released back in June.
Beyonce is Officially the Queen of Instagram
Queen Beyonce brought over-night fame to photographer Awol Erizku, who took the sensational images unveiling her newborns, Sir and Rumi Carter in line with the floral backdrop that Beyonce used when announcing that she was expecting twins in February. The pregnancy announcement shattered most liked Instagram photo record of all times. Who is ready to top that?
Chloë Sevigny as Officer in Pussy Riot Clip
It’s been slightly longer than a year since Pussy Riot released “Make America Great Again,” – just arriving before the election. The Russian feminist collective has returned surprised media with the release of “Police State”, released on the one-year anniversary of the presidential election results. Directed by Matt Creed, we will find Chloë Sevigny playing a law enforcement officer, hitting toy trucks and teddy bears with a ballet dancer gently moving in the background.
Hilarious Sculpture of Cristiano Ronaldo
The sculptor behind the bizarre statue of Cristiano Ronaldo that nearly broke the internet has defended his work and insisted the Real Madrid star likes it.
After too much laughter, the artist, Emanuel Santos needed to adjust the bronze with a facelift that will be placed in the airport of Madeira.
Santos answered the critics with ‘you can’t please everyone’ as he addressed the ridicule towards the bust and oh boy, he actually is right. Art should be fun.
Jennifer Lawrence turned into a Currin Oil Painting for Vogue
For the 125th anniversary September issue of Vogue, Jennifer Lawrence does it again: Across four covers, the actress transformed into a country girl, a city slicker, and even—somewhat remarkably—the subject of an oil painting, painted by John Currin, whose signature works are curvy pale beauties wearing lace, lingerie and little clothes.
For the piece she appeared slightly more covered, wearing a simple tan chemise and a Miu Miu patterned fur hat.
Bildergebnis für jennifer lawrence currin

Images via Spin, Vogue, Amuse, Pinterest, Urs Fischer

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