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The Essential Girl’s Guide  to the Art World (Part II)
Nobody likes to admit it, but it’s true: money runs the art world. From the big-name artists to th...
Art Stuff 19 Oct 2017

MNobody likes to admit it, but it’s true: money runs the art world. From the big-name artists to the gallerinas, everybody’s gotta get paid somehow. And that’s why collectors–not the ones who dabble, but the ones who really drop coin on a regular basis–run the whole show at the end of the day.
If the Art Basel franchise made art fairs popular, NADA (aka the New Art Dealers Alliance) has done everything in its power to make them cool. Most up-and-coming indie galleries belong here, and the fairs take place annually in New York and Miami. One time, I saw Chloë Sevigny there wearing knee socks and a denim miniskirt, which kind of says all there is to say.

Openings are generally 2-3-hour-long events that take place the evening before a show opens and make it virtually impossible to see any of the art, but quite easy to make small talk with the revolving cast of characters that show up to these things. There is usually free, low quality wine and a lot of people with aggressively cool haircuts.
The “primary market” refers to anything that’s coming to the art market for the first time. Thus, it’s probably being sold by the artist or a gallerist who works closely with them, rather than an auction house or a collector.
Something it is very hard to pose to an artist about their work without sounding like a total idiot. Seriously, if you think you’re not the eleventh person in an hour to ask them what their “inspiration was,” you’re kidding yourself.

If you’re staring down a season of openings and charity galas (and you don’t, for whatever reason, have Alessandro Michele on speed dial), get yourself a Rent the Runway unlimited membership stat. It’ll keep you in Proenza bags and Marni dresses and all the fancy people will be none the wiser.
The “secondary market” refers to any artwork that’s been on the market before. These works are typically sold by auction houses, websites like Artsy, secondary market galleries, or individual collectors.
Ever noticed how all the biggest art/fashion/culture mags are just letters? Think: T, W, V. This can’t possibly be a coincidence. Anyway, if you’re an artist and you manage to get written up in one of them, well, welcome. You’ve arrived.
How the hell else are you going to get from the Hugo Boss Prize party at the Guggenheim to the afterparty on the Lower East Side? Bonus points if you can manage to stuff five scruffy art kids in a four-person vehicle without the driver saying anything.
Technically, the blackest black pigment in the world, controversially co-opted by artist Anish Kapoor for use by him and him alone. Alternatively, what you’ll see if you open any downtown cool girl’s closet doors.

If there’s one thing art people love, it’s a wunderkind. You know, some 23-year-old beautiful genius that has emerged seemingly out of nowhere to sell million-dollar canvases and charm the pants off critics and collectors alike. Think Oscar Murillo, Lucien Smith, Dash Snow. And no, you’re not wrong in observing that they’re usually boys. Handsome boys.
The art world is not for the faint of heart. In fact, if you have any kind of aversion to boobs, butts and those uncomfortably tiny Renaissance penises, you should probably leave now. And for the love of god, avoid Jerry Saltz’s Instagram feed.
Think “young collectors committee”–a group of stylish young people who donate to and help cultivate a museum, or “young collectors night,” a special evening of programming at a fair or museum. In this instance, “young” and “collector” are often to be taken with a heavy grain of salt, as some of these people are like 45 and barely know who Richard Prince is.

The go-to designer of drape-y dresses and tops for gallerinas of the chic-yet-edgy persuasion. Seriously, you can’t toss a little plastic wine cup at a Chelsea opening without hitting a girl in one of these effortless, asymmetrical creations.

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