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The Art Blogger
Fempire 08 Jan 2016

The Art Blogger
Cultural Manager, London

As a self-acclaimed curious duh, the London-based art blogger and cultural manager Eva Kirilof is a budding figure in the UK art world. Having founded the Bubblist in 2013, Eva offers an open window to the contemporary art world with a special focus on the vibrant Tel Aviv artsy hotspots. As a top-notcher, Eva competed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Université Libre de Bruxelles with high distinction. Eva, enthusiastic and whip-smart, has worked for Omanoot and the Almine Rech Gallery in facilitating cultural events and leading PR and marketing campaigns.
For this Style Talk, we are thrilled to hear about her recent obsession with sneakers, her interior styling tips, and sexy Marina Abramović.
Eva Kirilof
What does your ideal working outfit look like?
Comfortable but elegant. Mostly loose tee, dark grey jeans/black pants with a well-cut jacket or a comfy knit.
What’s best: heels or flats? Which brand or style?
I wear both, but mostly flats. Lately I’m a sneakers girl, slightly obsessed with my Adidas and New Balance. A good pair of derby from COS works well for me too.
What’s your favourite art-related blog or app?
Without a doubt Contemporary Art Daily, Artnet News, Dazed Digital, and Instagram.
What was the last thing you bought and loved?
I just moved into a new apartment, so it’s all about interior styling at the moment. I got beautiful green plants at the Columbia Road Flower Market which are a perfect addition to our home. I also got How to Write About Contemporary Art by Gilda Williams that I love.
What is/are your personal style signifier(s)/identifier(s)?
I’m all about wearing black, grey, and navy. I also like prints.
Eva Kirilof
What’s your necessary extravagance?
Bags. Tons of bags.
And more seriously, everything related to a healthy lifestyle.
Three things/products you always need to have in your purse?
Dior Lip Glow, my phone, and a travel-size purifying gel from PURESSENTIEL.
What’s you ultimate beauty secret after long working hours?
Sleep, a lot of water, and argan oil.
What is/are your favourite work(s) of art?
I could go on forever about that, so I’m going to go straight to the “essentials”: Supposing I could hear that sound by Mircea Cantor, David Hockney’s drawings, Landscape and Pink and Yellow by Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, Louise Bourgeois’s sculptures and paintings, Until We Couldn’t Anymore by Know Hope, ABSALON’s wonderful minimalist cells, the Rothko Chapel, The Open Window by Matisse, Mona Hatoum’s 4 Rugs, Claire’s knee by Guy Yanai, everything by Jimmie Durham, The Ear by Michaël Borremans, and Untitled (Back) by Gideon Rubin.
Eva Kirilof
What in the art world currently excites you the most?
The return of craft in contemporary art. The Middle-Eastern art scene.
Most sexy art person?
Marina Abramović.
Where are you off to next?
I’m going to see Cy Twombly at Gagosian Gallery’s new venue in Mayfair.
Where is your next art trip/travel headed?
Probably Milan to visit the Fondazione Prada.
Eva Kirilof
In your eyes: What is the most arty city?
There are so many obvious arty cities such as London or New York, but I would say Tel Aviv. The city doesn’t have a strong/big art market, but it is such a vibrating creative art scene. Brussels is on the high too.
Someone you have in mind to call the perfect art-world gentleman?
Website: http://thebubblist.org

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Digital Product Manager
Tate - London, UK
Junior Brand Designer
Artsy - New York, USA
Global Client Solutions Specialist
TikTok - New York City, USA
Operations Coordinator
Dietl International Services - New York City,USA