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Fashion And Art With Social Messages
A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture
Entertainment 11 Mar 2022

While you try to reserve your good energies and be able to understand the global situation without losing your mind and glamour. This was what happened this week in the world of art and fashion.

1. Guadalupe Maravilla – Sound baths  @MOMA

This week was loaded with a lot of information of all kinds and what better way to channel everything in the most artistic way possible. This artistic, spiritual and sensorial experience is in charge of the artist Guadalupe Maravilla who offers sound baths to various audiences to coincide with celestial and Shamanic events. Certain sound baths are specifically intended for cancer survivors and those currently undergoing treatment, their family and friends, and people grieving a loss due to cancer. This performance gives us a bit of shamanic healing and soothing. energy that will recharge more than one participant.

About Guadalupe Maravilla.
Guadalupe Maravilla (b. 1976, El Salvador) is a visual artist who works and lives in Brooklyn, New York. In 1984, at the age of eight, Maravilla immigrated to the United States as an undocumented and unaccompanied child, fleeing the civil war in El Salvador. When he was diagnosed with cancer as an adult, Maravilla was treated with radiation and chemotherapy along with healing practices and became cancer free. The interdisciplinary practice of the artist constantly refers to these experiences of exile and illness, of migration and healing.

@MoMA, Floor 2, 212
Events here:

2. Issey Miyake – “Let it grow”

To continue with the messages that make us aware and this time it is for nature and the environment, a warm, inspiring message with a high dose of poetry that Maison Issey Miyake gave us, which left us as a message the power of nature and its way to take back her space.

Drawing inspiration from the roots of nature in the fluid movement of roots and their infinite expanse of forms, Satoshi Kondo presents the sixth collection for Maison Issey Miyake.

Nature and art come together to present organic forms for the ISSEY MIYAKE FALL WINTER 2022/23 COLLECTION alluding to the force of nature and its ability to adapt and expand, the creator uses the sprouting seed as a metaphor and takes its expansion from the domain life.

vital colors and curved shapes come to life in each of the pieces presented, all of this giving us the visual appearance of a second spring in the middle of winter. that energy rush that we will need on the coldest days.

3. Ester Manas – Lets talk body positivity

This week was International Women’s Day and what better way to celebrate it with this new brand that seduced Paris fashion week. The two young creators who go beyond the body positive towards a body neutrality giving the possibility to all feminine forms of looking sensual. They are with a fluid and natural proposal without forcing concepts. Ester Manas is the new brand that carries the body positive as a flag. to another level.

her conviction and discourse is a brand that points towards sustainable and inclusive fashion that celebrates every woman and all shapes.

With a long list of nominations such as the 2020 LVMH Prize semi-finalists or the Galeries Lafayette Prize, it was to come as the new promise of fashion with a speech and a hyper-clear aesthetic line. Ester Manas, an emerging brand that came with great steps to stay and that gave us an honest and simple discourse on inclusive fashion.

4. Art Girl Natia Bukia sends us a political message from ArtDubai

These weeks of political tension will not be indifferent to the artistic world because art is always its living reflection. This week in Art Dubai a girl gathered all the political symbols in one person not only for speaking openly about the problem in Ukraine but for being the embodiment of a true art girl her name is Natia Bukia, co-founder of Gallery Artbeat, based in Tbilisi, Georgia, who covered the booth table with a Ukrainian flag and wore Ukrainian colors for the Art Dubai VIP preview Courtesy of Gallery Artbeat.

 A subtle but brave political statement in a country where freedom of expression is restricted. Georgian co-founder Natia Bukia also wore a matching blue and yellow ensemble. “It was very difficult for me to come [to Dubai] after being totally frustrated with what’s going on in Ukraine and not being able to focus on anything else,” says Bukia. “My main fear was exactly that it would be ‘business as usual’ here and how I would handle that. That is why it was so important for me to make some kind of statement to express what I feel and where I am emotionally, but also to remind people of what is happening in Ukraine and what must be on everyone’s mind right now.”

 Bukia. Coming from a former Soviet country that has also been the victim of Russian attacks, such as the 2008 war, she says that she and her fellow Georgians know very well what the Ukrainian people are going through. Undoubtedly a true Art girl who raises all the values ​​of a woman in the artistic medium and a woman survivor of political injustice. Who found in art a way to for talk about the current situation.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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