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How These Female Illustrators Will Get You Through Your Breakup
Because art makes everything better, even a broken heart…
Art Stuff 06 Jan 2020

Did that art boy break your heart? We’re sorry. The art world is a particularly difficult place for dating but, luckily for us, there are loads of amazing art guys and gals who will pick you up when you’re down. And, to make it a little easier, just take a look at these female illustrators making doodles that will help you smile again.
For When It’s Still Fresh
This sketch by Cloe Bourginon says everything we’re thinking when we’ve just been dumped. A visual interpretation of how we’re feeling, we’d advise you not to send this directly to the art hunk who made you cry.
For When Your Girlfriends Have Your Back No Matter What
Presenting a visual representation of the girls who rally round you when you’re in need of girl time, we’re obsessed with this piece by Agathe Sorlet. 
For When You Just Need A Little “Me” Time
Sometimes you just need a little time out, and you totally deserve it. Whether you want to binge-watch netflix, lie in bed listening to podcasts, or simply meditate, this illustration by Ruby Taylor makes us all feel a bit more zen.
For When You Don’t Need Humans Anyway
Puppy therapy is the best kind of therapy, unless you’re a cat person, then go find a kitten. Either way, how can you not smile at Petra Eriksson’s pooch?
For When You’re Beginning To Realise You Don’t Need Them
You are a goddess, and you don’t need a romantic partner to tell you that. Ashley Lukashevsky’s drawing only confirms it! 
For When You Realise Time With Your Girlfriends Is Just As Good As A Bit Of Romance
You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to take you out on a date, some time with your best friends is just as good. The little things like picnics and bike rides will have your heart jumping for joy again, just like in this illustration by Erin Aniker.
For When A Picture Says A Thousand Words
We don’t really have any words to explain this one, but we sure know you’ll appreciate this epic piece by Polly Nor.
For When You’re Going To Be Fabulous Without Them
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, what doesn’t kill you just makes you even more badass than you were already, just ask Hazel Mead
Text Lizzy Vartanian

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