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Forget Big Dick Energy, Big Goddess Energy is here
With a little mentality shift, Big Goddess Energy can be yours today
Art Girls Jungle 08 Jul 2019

From Marianne Williamson to the barista at your local Starbucks, everyone is going crazy for crystals these days. Maybe the Age of Aquarius is finally here, because the New Age vibes are everywhere. Metaphysical trinkets, yoga and astrology and no longer fringe interests reserved for your weird hippie aunt—they’re hitting bookstores, grocery stores and gift shops all around the world. Be honest, how many people do you know who own Himalayan salt lamps? Probably several.
Well, as much as the art world seems like its own little sealed off bubble, it’s not immune to the vibes. In fact, an interesting thing starts to happen when art, New Age-iness, and fourth-wave feminism collide. I’d like to christen it: Big Goddess Energy.
The easiest way to define Big Goddess Energy is through examples. But first, a few words on what Big Goddess Energy is not: it’s not a mere female version of Big Dick Energy; it’s not a personal brand reserved for yoga influencers; it’s not inherently religious; it’s not some niche pagan revival trend. Most of all, it’s not just one thing but thrives on creativity and personal interpretation.
Big Goddess Energy is all around us, if you open your eyes to it. And with a little mentality shift (and perhaps a wardrobe overhaul, but not required!), Big Goddess Energy can be yours today.
Still confused? Read on.
Big Goddess Energy… draws inspiration from nature.

When you hear “goddess,” some form of mythical nature goddess probably comes to mind—Aphrodite, Lakshmi, and Sedna are just a few. We might not believe in these beings literally today, but there’s a reason why ancient people dreamt up deities connected to the forces of nature. As disconnected as our modern lives might seem, we’re still totally at the mercy of the natural world—climate change, anyone?
So, the modern hunny who has Big Goddess Energy is aware of this situation, and she doesn’t try to fight it. By tuning into the natural world, we can live happier, less stressed and more creative lives. No one knows it better than artist Sarah Smiles. Her mission? “Turning the magic of nature into whimsical art works.”
Want more nature-inspired art? Check out “nature worship” account Temple of Leaves and mandala maker Kathy Klein.
Big Goddess Energy… isn’t afraid to get a little witchy.

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*NEW MOON* in Libra (10/8-9) asks us to honor that which abides within, as we restructure how we move in the world of relationships. It’s been a time of unearthing, sensing and deep feeling. There has been much upheaval as Truth rises to be acknowledged. More than ever we must remember that nothing goes unseen and our truth will always be a beacon when we stand in our integrity. We are in relationship with every single thing in our lives, and each relationship is our sacred mirror of Reflection. This is a powerful time of integration that serves as a catalyzing moment in our Soul’s journey to wholeness. We must be loving with ourselves during this time and find the time to connect deeply with our Soul. ???? ???? ???? PAT LILES says “Venus is presently in Scorpio and retrograde. She’s empowered, going for inner truth, available for transformative experience. Venus in Scorpio is in the most powerful of the feeling-based water signs willing to go deeper into what motivates us, what is hidden, what is stagnant, what is called from the depths to be transformed. The path to awakening holds an early gate that all must pass through, the gate of self love, where we value the unique one we are, finding and holding our own internal integrity…” Full download mysticmamma.com link in profile ARTby #MYSTICMAMMA (New Limited Edition Release of “RELATIONS” mysticmammashop.com)

A post shared by MYSTIC MAMMA (@mysticmamma) on

For centuries, powerful women have been labeled as witches to repress and gaslight them. Big Goddess Energy reclaims the witchy label as a way to celebrate innate women’s power. Unlike pure neoliberal feminism that champions women as equal to men in the corporate and political arenas (which is important too!), Big Goddess Energy holds space for more traditional expressions of feminine power, ultimately creating a more inclusive picture of what it means to be a feminist.
No one does witchiness with more taste than artist and blogger Mystic Mamma. Her collages blend beautiful imagery drawn from ancient and indigenous traditions with feminist motifs—yes, please.
Big Goddess Energy… embraces body posi.

Just like female power has long been repressed, so has female sexuality. For centuries, most cultures around the world have taught their women that women’s bodies = sex = bad. The result? Shame, disassociation and dysmorphia. Lucky for us, today, a whole slew of academics, activists and artists are breaking down those constructs.
Women are reclaiming their bodies, their basic rights to pleasure, sensuality and feeling comfortable in their own skin—and yes, reclaiming is the right word. Long before our era, history holds traces of cultures that revered, and even worshipped the female body as a powerful, creative force, not as an object for male pleasure. Think Venus of Willendorf or the Amazons.

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‘In 2018 an ex attempted to blackmail me after I asked him to pay me back the money he owed me, by revealing that he still had the pics and videos he’d taken of me when we were together, which previously he’d promised he’d deleted. To have my own body and image, let alone trust, weaponised against me caused me so much anxiety and made me feel paranoid and powerless in a way I’d never experienced before. A few months after reporting him to the police and successfully filing a court claim to get my money back I discovered Are We Nearly Bare Yet and was instantly in love with the images, colours and defiance of the womxn involved who proudly and boldly owned their body image on their terms. Your project reminded me not to cower and hide and that my nakedness and sexuality would always ultimately be mine to own, love and show off if I want to. Revenge porn is sickening and illegal but it says a lot about the world we live in that I was more afraid of being humiliated by the photos of me than I could imagine the backlash he’d ever face for posting them.’

A post shared by Are We Nearly Bare Yet (@arewenearlybareyet) on

Today, ladies who channel Big Goddess Energy express their body positivity in many different ways. Theresa Baxter, Robin Eisenberg, Are We Nearly Bare Yet and Venus Libido break down taboos with quirky, sex-positive illustrations; Deana Lawson uses male and female bodies to investigate personal and social histories; Tschabalala Self makes bright patchwork pictures that challenge how we see the black female body. Hannah Gartside quilts her message loud and clear. Ambera Wellman paints desire in loose, luscious strokes. Vulva Gallery is exactly what it sounds like. That’s just the very, very tip of the iceberg, but it should give you a sense how Big Goddess Energy takes on the body.
Big Goddess Energy… leans in on her own terms.

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Focusing on what other people think will stagnate your growth. The hardest thing about growing is that no one understands you at first, and it can be very isolating. You feel like everyone is going against you, all of a sudden you want better for yourself and the people around you can't handle it. But your only responsibility in life is to focus on YOUR growth. Whatever that means to you. You do not need to be understood by others. They will get there eventually, and if they don’t, their validation never mattered in the first place. @nikewomen asked me to create some work inspired by their signed athlete @somaliboxer – When no one understood what Ramla was doing, she was too busy thinking about her growth to care. She has since become the first person EVER to box for Somali. Her achievements are a testament to what women can do when you listen to no one but YOURSELF #JustDoIt #RamlaAli #Ad

A post shared by FLOSS (@florencegiven) on

Think of Big Goddess Energy as a Girlboss level-up. She’s not just trying to climb the corporate ladder; she wants success on her own terms. That said, Big Goddess Energy doesn’t shy away from hard work and an occasional boardroom moment. She’ll work hard and slay for the causes she believes in, but she’s not going to jump through the patriarchy’s hoops to get there.
Florence Given is the perfect example: this artist, writer and influencer has racked up an impressive following blasting the patriarchy by coopting its own corporate aesthetic, all while looking like a 70s Playboy bunny. Lifestyle advice you can expect from Florence? “Skincare tip – Break up with your shitty boyfriend. The glow is eternal.”

Of course, there are countless art world ladies that fit the bill for this type of Big Goddess Energy. The list could fill books, but one of our favs is Kimberly Drew of the Met, better known as @museummammy. Kimberly (not Kim) skyrocketed to astronomical success through sweat, grit and a killer blog, Black Contemporary Art, that restores Black artists to their rightful place in the canon. Passion and spark pervade everything she says, does and posts—girlfriend is clearly in the game to change the world, not rack up followers. Her drive to succeed for the sake of the greater good, not personal gain, is the ultimate stamp of Big Goddess Energy. On that note…
Big Goddess Energy… gives a shit.

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i just want to say how deeply and truly important this trip to paris and london has been. from black models to get up, stand up now—i am an emotional wreck thinking about how much black art and history i don’t know yet. how much there is to uncover. black people, we are such a beautiful people. when i started my blog black contemporary art in 2011, i wanted to make sure that no one ever thought that black art and artists were negligible factors in this history of the world. eight years later, i am still learning, still uncovering so much. i promise to share everything that i can for as long as i can. i am in tears with gratitude for the shepards of our history who have fought against our erasure. i am honored to join the ranks. i encourage anyone following me to think about how they can join this fight too. ????????

A post shared by kimberly not kim (@museummammy) on

To top it off, there’s one more crucial ingredient to Big Goddess Energy, a thread that runs through all of the fabulous ladies and accounts we’ve already spotlighted. Each of them has a mission, a purpose, a driving force behind their work that resonates loud and clear, whether it’s helping trans folks feel more accepted, inspiring the public through beautiful floral art, giving a platform to self-taught artists, healing adults with disabilities through art, or getting girls to dump their shitty boyfriends.
Whatever the cause may be, Big Goddess Energy is about channeling the power of the feminine for the good of all humanity.
So, how do I channel Big Goddess Energy in my life?

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I spent today analysing my relationships with people to see whether they're using me for personal gain. Being selfish with your time and energy is NECESSARY if you want to be happy. Imagine the sheer power you would radiate if you focused on nourishing yourself and your own craft instead of fixing everyone else around you, people who can't be bothered to fix themselves and constantly drain you of your resources. • You have to be the fiercest protector of your energy and your space. It's all that you have. You don't have time in this life to worry about what other people might think of you for setting boundaries and cutting people out. Just do it. YES you will be called intimidating, and told that your standards are 'too high' – and often in times of boredom be tempted to lower them (ie. re-downloading Tinder after you decided to delete it or hitting up your ex/shit mates) – but just know that if this means you're compromising your standards, you're going to regret it every single time. You have standards and boundaries for a reason. You deserve better and you know it – so demand it #DumpThem

A post shared by FLOSS (@florencegiven) on

I’m glad you asked. It’s simple: next time you’re feeling a little flat and burnt out, spend two minutes reflecting on something you care about. Stressed out preparing for a big show at the gallery? Try to think of one altruistic reason that got you where you are in the first place.
Maybe you wanted to help emerging artists support themselves through their work. Or you wanted to bring a specific subject, topic or experience to the public by championing art. It could even be something small—maybe you think gallery spaces are relaxing and want to keep them alive. It doesn’t have to be a capital m Mission; the only requirement is that it’s not a purely selfish reason, like wanting to look at art all day.
Whatever this is for you, take 5 quiet minutes to reconnect with that sense of inner purpose and draw strength from it. Imagine how this purpose can find expression in your everyday life, the way it currently is—your work life, your friendships, your relationships. Maybe you can start to think about what you can add, subtract or shift in your life to move closer to that purpose. It doesn’t have to all happen overnight.
But first, sage the shit out of your house.
Images via Instagram
Text by Katya Lopatko.

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