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Forget the Minions – These Are The Glasses of the Art World
And Iris Apfel is only one of them...
Art Girls Jungle 28 Jun 2018

Intellectual like Henri Matisse

The famous French painter, who died in 1954, was a revolutionist of contemporary art. At the same time as Picasso, he influenced the international art scene with his significant paintings.

But not only his work, also his style was forward-looking, he never left the house without wearing suits and of course his typical spectacles.

Julian Schnabel shows: You’re never to old for fancy glasses


The American painter and filmmaker with the German name, became famous in the 1980s for his “plate paintings”. The highly decorated artist (Cannes, Golden Globe, BAFTA) lives in a former West Village horse stable, called Palazzo Chupi, and is known for his glamorous lifestyle.
So what else could he wear to top off his style than fancy glasses?
Mod with Andy Warhol’s plastic specs


The unprecedented king of pop-culture: Andy Warhol already knew it fifty years ago. Round an transparent glasses are a “thing”.

The American artist wasn’t merely a pioneer in the matter of art, but also in fashion. With his messy light-blond hairstyle and his significant plastic glasses he definitely paved the way for today’s fashion eyewear.

Black & minimal – eyewear a la Jay Jopling


When you’re about to spend a lot of money on a piece of art, having someone you can trust, is mandatory. Jay Jopling is that type of man. An art mogul, this British art dealer and gallerist has been working in the art world for many decades and represents names such as Damien Hirst or Tracey Emin.

Jay Jopling is a man we all want to have at our next party, with his perfectly tailored suits and especially his trendy glasses with black frames – his signature accessory.

Iris Apfel’s statement glasses –Unique as herself


She wouldn’t be the same without her personal It-Piece: huge big glasses in red or black. Born in 1921 she is one of the oldest, but most important fashion icons of our time. The American businesswoman worked always proved her extraordinary sense of style by designing interiors and the right amount of humor.

Her mantra: Unique glasses for unique personalities.

Timeless like Hans Ulrich Obrist


Who would you trust when it comes to aesthetic and serious appearance? Hans Ulrich Obrist might be your man.

With his unobtrusive, but selective taste in terms of style he is one of the best-dressed and most stylistically confident people in the art scene. The Swiss curator, who nowadays lives in London, works on a highly regarded project titled “The Interview” and lectures internationally at academic and art institutions.
Keep your eyes open and your glasses clean, you’ll recognize him by his timeless classic specs.

Peggy Guggenheim’s glam glasses


You wonder by whom Alessandro Michele was inspired when he designed the most flamboyant dream-glasses for Gucci last season? Peggy Guggenheim, is the answer. The American art collector and curator was what we would now call an Influencer.

She was always ahead of her and loved to play with extremes: Her independent lifestyle was often subject of discussion, but Peggy just put her glam-sunglasses on and didn’t give a f***.

David Hockney’s artsy eyewear


Like Warhol David Hockney was an important contributor to the pop art movement of the 60s.

The English painter, stage designer and photographer, who is openly gay influenced the style of many young men in the last decades, he can be seen as a forerunner of the so called “hipster-style”.
With his significant glasses, his preference for colorful classy outfits he shows that elegant menswear can be more than grey-in-grey suits.

Jeffrey Deitch


He not only looks intelligent with his glasses, he is in fact a smart guy. The famous American art dealer and curator received an MBA from Haravrd Business School in 1978.

With his business sense he supported artists like Jeff Koons, Keith Haring and his close friend Jean-Michel Basquiat at the beginning of her career. And as it can be expected of a man of his stand he is known for his charming appearance, including his chic specs.

Photos via artsy.net, buzzfeed.com, thisstory.com, artspace.com, theguardian.com, vulture.com

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