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This French Duo Masters Lustful Surrealism
And just in time for V-day, they teamed up for a cheeky capsule.
News 07 Feb 2019

Petra Mrzyk and Jean-François Moriceau’s, better known as Mrzyk & Moriceau, the eccentric creative duo known for their risqué, unique illustrations have collaborated with luxury swim wear brand Vilebrequin for their Valentines collection.  The duo, a couple in real life, created the two limited-edition swimwear illustrations that launch just in time for the romantic holiday.

With a mix between cheeky and wacky, their racy pop-erotic illustrations cover everything from wall drawings to tattoos and music videos –  and now: swimwear.

Their surreal, at times kaleidoscopic images play with body parts and dark humour, while walking a fine line between the dreamlike and the lustful. In candy floss pink, illustrated with starfish in karma sutra poses, you will definitely stand out in these trunks. Love is in the air!


Before you get a sneak peak into the steamy-humorous capsule, get to know the creators:

• You are not only an artists duo but also a real life couple: How did you meet? Eventually at the beach?

We met at the Artschool of Quimper, a city in the west coast of France 20 years ago but we could have met at the beach because she was not so far from the city, around 20 km and we spent a lot of time down there.

• Did you know that Vilebrequin’s very first origins are rooted on the founder being in love with a pretty girl and was looking for the perfect swim wear to impress her?

No we didn’t but i think very often ideas appear to impress someone.

• Your illustrations play with body parts, lust and a mischievous attitude. Are you having fun to draw about sex or do you also like to irritate your audience?

It’s always a pleasure to draw a butt 🙂 Few years ago we did a video clip for the french musician Sebastien Tellier where you can see a girl from the back walking slowly. It was hypnotic to draw her butt during 3 mn, to make a cartoons it meant drawing it like 2400 times!
So yes we are having fun drawing about sex or erotic things but our illustrations arealso quite soft and humorous at the same time. We don’t like to irritate the audience, that’s not the goal.

• Sigmund Freud would probably love this conversation: But how did you come up with your pop-erotic yet humorous

We don’t remember how it started, from the very beginning we already did erotic drawings, it was more pop-porn-dirty drawings with plants! But we don’t do erotic drawings only, we like to draw strange animals, hairy houses, busy unicorn, astronaut playing guitar in space, old dogs…

• You worked on various collaborations spanning from wallpapers via album covers up to children books. What did you enjoy the most and why?

I don’t know, maybe make a drawing everyday (or trying to) for our instagram feed. We enjoy every project we are working on but sometimes there are too many constraints. The freer we are on a project the more we enjoy it.

• Is there still a lot of restraint in making lust more fun? Or do we all open up eventually?

In France during the 70/80 there was a magazine called Hara-Kiri which was really provocative, they talked about sex, religion, politics with no limits. Now it would be harder to talk about these subjects so freely when you see for example that instagram prohibits images with nipples. So compared to Hara-Kiri magazine our drawings are super soft, i don’t see how people can be irritate with our images!

• Whom would you love to see wearing the upcoming starfish capsule?

Grayson Perry, it’s an english artist, he has a show now at the Monnaie de Paris. We love the way he talks about identity and masculinity.

And now – drumroll please:


The Kama Yoga in candy floss pink


Busy doin nothing in pastel yellow

You can shop the collaboration here.
Remember to hashtag #TrySomethingOouhLaLa while wearing your new trunks.

Text by Peigi Mackillop

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