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In Case You Missed It: What Happened in Art, Fashion, Pop Culture
Frida Kahlo is now an emoji; Gucci is into memes for new watch collection; Urban Decay drop Basquiat...
Entertainment 20 Mar 2017

Happy Monday, TAGers! If you too had the most underwhelming Saint Patrick’s day (most possibly at home with a bottle wine) then you’re not alone. And you know what, that’s a good thing. You’ll need to charge your body, mind (and kidneys) up to full power for the eventful art week coming ahead. From Art Basel HK, Art Central, and the many art parties scattered throughout this jungle-like city, you’ll need your rest beforehand. Because let’s face it, in the art world it’s all about keeping up appearances. Therefore, we are here to help by feeding you the latest digital and fashion trends, for you to power up on knowledge and style in order to help you look (and act) your best this week.
Find out below!

#1 Frida Kahlo emojis are now a thing

After Andy Warhol and Yayoi Kusama, comes Frida Kahlo. Yes, the unforgettable female Mexican painter has been immortalized into a series of 160 emojis, depicting her tumultuous life. Launched by an Instagram Project which brought you Jean Michel Basquiat and Vincent Van Gogh emojis, this new series is apparently its most successful yet, which include the iconic “Self Portrait with Monkeys” and “Me and My Parrots”.  Now, you could possibly bring this topic up for debate as in: do we want to see a respectable female painter who created such tragic and emotional paintings, simplified into “smiley” emoji faces? Discuss.

#2 Gucci is all about memes

Art, fashion, and the digital have certainly mingled last week. Gucci recently kickstarted a meme account celebrating the launch of the brand’s watch collection “Les Marché des Merveilles”. This new project titled “TFWGucci” (translation: That Feeling When…), involves the collaboration between Gucci and international visual artists to create branded memes, including LA artist Amanda Charchian, William Ndatila, and more…
Gucci-meme-2_theartgorgeous Gucci-meme-3_theartgorgeous

#3 Got art-inspired clothes? Wear them!

High fashion brands have come to your wardrobe’s rescue just in time for art week. Dior, Burberry, and Gucci have released their Spring 2017  collection which is infused with art-inspired clothes. Check them out below if you want to be the belle of the art ball!
Art-men-Dior-Homme_theartgorgeous Art-Men-Dries-Van-Noten_theartgorgeous Art-Men-Gucci_theartgorgeous
#4 Impress with Urban Decay Basquiat-inspired make up
Urban Decay just dropped a line of make up inspired by popular graffiti artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Lucky for art aficionados, it’s a double whammy. The sets and cosmetic bags are also adorned with works by the artist!

#5 Petra Collins to curate MoMa show about the female body

Petra Collins will apparently put bodies in MoMA that have never been represented before. The evening exhibition titled “In Search of Us” will include live three-hour tableaus and an Instagram “digital salon”, which will weave historical and contemporary stories exploring and challenging the depictions of the female body.
Photos via Dazed Digital; Lifestyle Asia; Harper’s Bazaar; @urbandecaycosmetics; Dazed Digital

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