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The Art News You Missed While Celeb-Spotting at Wimbledon
We hope you’re keeping dry and sane during this wet summer!
Art Stuff 09 Jul 2021

The Euros have reached the Finals stage, and Wimbledon is in its semi-finals. It’s a lot of sports. So, here’s your weekly roundup of arty news to offset the current sporting frenzy. We hope you’re keeping dry and sane during this wet summer!

The Girls


Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth 2022/2024 Artists Announced

Samson Kambalu and Teresa Margolles have been announced as the next artists to have their creations displayed on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, London. Kambalu’s sculpture ‘Antelope’ will recreate a colonial-era photography taken in Malawi in 1914, and Margolles’ ‘850 Improntas’ plinth will display imprints of the faces of 850 trans people. We love that the plinth is being used to bring attention to real issues. Famous artists who have previously has work featured on the plinth include Rachel Whiteread, Marc Quinn, and Antony Gormely.

This Deer Bone Might Be One Of The World’s Oldest Art Works

A 51,000 year-old deer bone with linear markings has been found in Germany and researchers think it might have been a stylish sculpture kept as decoration by fashionable Neanderthals. The bone is large (ancient deer were BIG) and has several lines cut into it. Thomas Terberger, a professor at the University of Göttingen said: “It’s clearly a decoration with a kind of symbolic character. … You might even call it the initial start of art, something which was not done by accident, but with a clear plan in mind.” Some think it might show mountains, others think it might be a female figure. We’re not so sure.


The Basquiat Estate Collaborates with Dr. Martens for the Second Time

Following their successful collaboration in July of 2020, the Basquiat Estate has worked with Dr. Martens to release two new designs on two iconic DM shoes. Jean-Michel Basquiat’s ‘Untitled (1982)’ and ‘Pez Dispenser’ are now available on the 1460 and 1461 shoe. The famous shoe brand has featured art on their shoes regularly, including the work of Keith Haring, JMW Turner, and Hieronymus Bosch. What better way to let people know your cultural faves, than wearing them on your feet?

Cannes Film Festival Begins with Amazing Red Carpet Looks

In 2020 the Cannes Film Festival was cancelled for the first time since it was begun in 1946. On Tuesday, the opening night of the 74th edition of the festival was a star-packed spectacle of gorgeous dresses, suits, and accessories. Spike Lee’s hot pink suit stopped the show and we’re obsessed with Didi Stone and Leonie Hanne’s dramatic structured outfits. More tulle? Yes please.


National Museum of African Art Welcomes Ngaire Blankenberg as New Director

Ngaire Blankenberg named new Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art
Ngaire Blankenberg – documentary producer, museum consultant, author, and much more – has been named the new Director effective since Tuesday. Blankenberg has worked and won awards all over the world and has taken over the post from Deborah Mack. Blankenberg said in a statement: “Museums are institutions that carry a lot of systemic baggage from their colonial origins, but they are vital public spaces to reconsider how we connect and contend with one another and the planet, and where we can redefine, heal and reconcile…”. We can’t agree more.

Pace Gallery launches NFT Platform

As yet unnamed, Pace Gallery’s new NFT platform has been confirmed to launch in September with a debut series by Lucas Samaras. The platform will sit on the gallery’s website, rather than acting as a separate entity to rival the likes of Nifty Gateway, etc. Pace’s online sales director Christiana Ine-Kimba Boyle will be running the platform with the intention to support the gallery’s roster of artists in their NFT debuts. Arne Glimcher – Pace’s founder – commented: “By offering artists’ work on our own platform, we can better support them in setting appropriate prices and by managing the sales process more seamlessly than through third parties…”

Author: Verity Babbs

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