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The Best Known Gallerinas in Pop Culture
Lot's of industries are raving about the “gallerina”, the art world's doorkeeper...
Art Girls Jungle 08 Jul 2019

Lot’s of media features are raving about the “gallerina”, the art world’s doorkeeper. She is regarded to be smart, a socialite (ideally very well connected herself), certainly well educated, knowledgeable and yes – born with a sense of style.
She is literally the entry point to a gallery and the client`s first and last impression is mostly influenced by her.
Also in pop culture (esp. in the movies), the character of a ballerina is not new at all, but reaches back to at least Nine 1/2 Weeks. Well, probably every guy would start collecting if Kim Basinger would offer him a special deal…
This 6 gallerina characters most of us know from the movies and yes, if they were “real” they would probably even amaze us more than any outstanding artwork in the exhibition space:

Kim Basinger in Nine ½ Weeks

Perhaps Kim Basinger’s character as Elizabeth Mc Graw is the most recognisable gallerina in cinema history portraying an attractive assistant at the Spring Street art gallery based in New York. If a gorgeous dealer like her will not convince all male visitors to buy at least an artwork, then she would definitely make them come back to write down their contact details at the gallery’s black leather guest book.
Charlotte Goldenblatt in Sex and the City
Charlotte was truly involved into art dealing dreaming of owning her own contemporary art business. Being polite and smart, in love with fashion, tailored clothing (her Burberry trenchcoat), this gallery girl is one of the four SAT women ruling the TV scenery around the globe for many seasons. Undeniably, she embodies it all and even made Carrie raise her paddle during a contemporary art auction.

Amy Adams in Nocturnal Animals

Tom Ford’s second film is not only a delicate thriller but also an essential guide into contemporary art with remarkable references on Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst. Amy Adams as Susan Morrow is a wealthy and independent woman and also a perfect paradigm of a contemporary gallerist; hard-working, dressed up like a model, driven by great ambitions. In a real gallery, you would need to keep yourself back from just staring at her (no matter, whether you are a woman or men).

Gallery Girls

This 2012 TV programme was about an artsy female group of uber stylish socialite women whose ambition was to become famous in the competitive art jungle of New York. If you are not familiar with the gallerina’s style or life, then start watching this show which includes almost all types of woman – ok slightly exaggerated though but really fun to watch when you feel the art world gets too serious one day.

Embeth Davitz in Junebug

Embeth Davitz as Madeleine is another characteristic example of an art gallery owner in Chicago who loves to discover new talented painters. Despite the fact she is very efficient at what she does and knows what she wants, Madeleine also starts having a love affair with an artist who is offered a contract with her gallery. As you can imagine, it gets complicated from that point onwards…
Brooke Meyers in The Break-Up

Jennifer Aniston plays a savvy gallerist in this romantic comedy who is also in charge looking after a very eccentric artist. It’s hard to tell how she actually ends up with this mad guy, actually played by Vince Vaughn. So one is not surprised when they eventually split up.


Photos via: moviestore.com; imdb.com; thoughtcatalog.com; alamy.com; popsugar.com

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