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#GoodNews – Ever Heard of An Optimism Doctor?
Lets welcome Dr Deepika Chopra to make us happy
Art Girls Jungle 04 May 2020

Have you heard the name Dr Deepika Chopra before? No? Well, you just might start seeing her name everywhere. With dozens of fans including Gwyneth Paltrow, and write-up’s everywhere from Forbes to Goop, Dr Deepika Chopra isn’t your regular physician. No, she is an optimism doctor, specialising in what she has called “evidence based manifestation”. Focusing on only the good. And why is it important to be optimistic during these very unsettling times? Well…when is life ever good when you focus on the negatives? So, inspired by the work of the guru of optimism, here are some benefits of looking at the bright side of life right now!

You Can Get Moving Anyway You Want

In an article on Forbes, Dr Chopra tells us we don’t have to worry about exercise. “Move your body in any way you can”, she says, “This doesn’t have to be traditional ‘exercise’…you can just turn on some music and dance.” Which, quite frankly, is music to our ears. Ditch the sneakers and turn up the music!

You Can Learn Optimism

Pessimists might tell you that you’re either a glass half-full person, or a glass half-empty person, and that’s just the way you are. But Dr Chopra thinks differently. She says that we can learn optimism! On Goop she explained that studies on twins showed that only 25% of optimism is inherited, meaning that we have “so much room to work on our optimism factor.”

Being Optimistic Makes You Happy

We don’t mean to state the obvious, but sometimes we have to. What happiness do you gain by looking at things from a negative viewpoint? That’s right, none! Try and look for the positives, you’ll feel much better for it!

You Can Focus Over Purpose Over Productivity 

Dr Chopra believes that you’ll be much happier if you look at why you are doing something over how much you are doing. “Remember that finding purpose in completing basic needs every day is productive”, she says on Forbes.

Optimism Is Good For Our Health

That’s right! And it’s not just our mental health either. Optimistic people live longer and better lives, and also get sick less often, so it’s time to look at the sunnier side of life. 

Optimism Helps In Times Of Uncertainty

When life is really scary (like right now), finding a silver lining – no matter how small – can make all the difference. 

Your Optimism Is Contagious (In A Good Way)

Your random acts of optimism have the power to help other people feel better too. You cannot deny the infectious energy of good vibes. So let’s help each other out by getting each other to smile!

Optimism Improves Your Social Life

Ok, so we’re not going out right now BUT, when we are finally able to hug each other again, we will be that much more huggable if we are happy and smiley.

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