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`Grams to Escape the Art World
Ready for a kind of digital Ayurveda trip?
Art Stuff 11 Apr 2019

Relax, take it eaaaaaasy … it’s easy to say, but let’s face it, when was your last date with yourself? We are talking about #metime or #selfcare moments. Got ya? Endless phone calls with clients, 24 hours days finishing a new series in the studio and the global art fair marathon don’t come without leaving their traces and ruining our inner balance.Hands down – do you still remember you last proper healthy meal? And no, not the quinoa finger food at the vernissage last week.

Ready for a kind of digital Ayurveda trip? All you need: Instagram, 5 minutes of time and these accounts.




Having lunch with your clients and they won’t stop talking? All you want to do is throw your chicken salad in their faces? Hold on, streetartine has a better solution for these situations. Just remember the days when you were a child and only wanted to eat vegetables when your mother made a smiley face out of them or the sandwich slides were formed like a star. This account is just exactly our taste – the best things in life combined: art and food. What about some Lady Gaga spaghetti for lunch or a sneaker snack for the movie night? Starring and starving at these posts by streetartine, your mouth will start watering, we promise.




Staring out from your gallery’s window into the gray of the big city? You deserve some variety: endless forests, crystal-clear lakes and breathtaking sunsets… dive into a world of calmness and relaxation. You’ve seen the sea roses of Monet in Paris and the sunflowers by Van Gogh in Amsterdam, but when was last time you had a look at the beauty of nature? With this account you will find some inspiration for your own paintings and we are pretty sure that nothing will stop you from booking the next trip to one of these wonderful places.




Fashion and art were always going hand in hand. The Mondrian dress by Yves Saint Laurent is only one of the countless examples, which proves that fashion prints, colors and cuts can be (almost) always related to some inspiring contemporary art work. But now we got some surprising news! It is not Carrie in SATC and not Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl who has brought art into fashion and has all the famous painters in her closet – it’s the one and only 90s fashion icon: The Nanny. She was wearing them all, from Kenneth Noland over Victor Vasarely to Jasper Johns. Just take a look and these posts and you will see the obvious, she is the real fashionista of the contemporary art world.




You thought the art world was crazy? Then lean back and follow this account! Dietprada is one of the big players on Instagram nowadays if you want to be updated on the madness of the fashion industry. Between unrevealing the dark sides of the industries and posting funny memes, dietprada always serves us with some hilarious facts and comparisons of the industries’ most famous people. Kim Kardashian and Stefano Gabbana may not experience the same relaxing effect as we do, but life isn’t fair!




Your client freaked you out by asking for another discount? We swear that the cute alpacas pictured for the latest work of Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek will calm you down in the blink of their brown eyes! The photographer already worked for Magnum photos and clients such as Apple, BMW and Vanity Fair, and has now invented the perfect healthy drug we all need: “Better Living with Alpacas.” Take a deep breath, access this account and you will be happy! No side effects to be expected, we promise!!




You think you know what the future holds for you, since your calendar is already full of art fairs and meetings? But have you checked what the stars say? This phrase can have a double meaning. Notallgeminis is reading your stars out of the stars… confused? Check this funny account, which is somehow a teen drama based on horoscopes played by none other than Lady Gaga and Timothy Chamalet and co. Cancer, is like the O.C. and Capricorns fulfill the typical Gilmore Girls clichés. Are you curious which series is your zodiac related to?




Too much standing around at the fair? Why not jazzing up with some squads while you are looking for a new work in the storage? This account will kick your butt to get back in shape for the summer holidays. The credo of this digital gym is not purely about burning calories but it is about attitude. Kayla Itsines, the fitness goddess herself, guides you through exercises and reveals the best kept nutrition secrets. Time to look after yourself.




Women of the art world, in times of #metoo, it can still feel like we have to fight for our equality when it comes to business. So you deserve some stress release, and what is more relaxing than a good laugh? Awardsforgoodboys is granting the immense ego of men who do their absolute minimum to satisfy women – still thinking they are charming and expecting some applause in the end. The woman behind that sarcastic account is tired of letting macho boys pass with their superior behavior, so she decided to turn the tables in an artistic way!




You’re at this boring art party, wearing all black once again and forget all the names of the people you should talk to? Someone comes over and wants to talk about the intensity of the trivial forms and splashes of color surrounding you. No worries, this account feels you. Mytherapistsays is like this one best friend who is always there when you need it most and will make you land on the floor holding your sides laughing. Doesn’t matter which situation you’re in; one of the posts is definitely describing your situation. Just remember: “January was a tough year but we made it.”

Text by Kathrin Rettig
Published in TheArtGorgeous #6

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