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Great Words to Use in Your CV
Your dream job in the art world
Career 14 Nov 2022

When it comes to writing a CV, it’s always a struggle to find the best words to use. Cos sourcing out those great words to best describe yourself and enhance your CV ain’t easy. Last week we highlighted the words not to use, so now it’s time to try out these buzzwords, key adjectives and examples to land you your dream job in the art world.

1. Digits
The easiest way to show what you have accomplished is by sharing the facts and the figures. Sharing stats on your achievements is the perfect way to show that you are results orientated and work hard!

2. Action Verbs
Action verbs are a great way to grab someone’s attention when skimming through your CV. Including verbs that show leadership and transformation. This demonstrates problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to think outside the box. An example being the word redesigned, which is a great buzzword to use when looking for a job in the art world.

3. Creative
If you are a person working or looking for work in the art world, then are you going to have to be creative. And that doesn’t only mean with a paintbrush on a canvas, there are roles in the art world that don’t require that! Being creative can take on many meanings and problem-solve in a creative manner is one of them. So show that side of you off and use that word where you can.
4. Simple yet practical words
Stay away from the cringe clichés when it comes to writing your CV. Go for powerfully simple yet practical verbs to land your CV on the top of the pile. Examples include, solved, launched, transformed and optimised.

5. Innovation!
Innovation is one of the most important skills to have in the art world. Think of words that will raise your CV up a level to show how you were innovative in your previous roles. Modernised, improved, envisioned and transformed are all great words to use.

6. Show how you add value
Value or valuable are words that will show that you are thinking about how you helped to improve the companies where you previously worked. Words like hardworking should be a given in the workplace and doesn’t actually show that you can produce better results. So think creatively about words that will set you apart from others.

7. Master-mined, Orchestrated, Choreographed
Anyone can say they led and managed a team. Instead, use verbs like orchestrated, mater-mined, choreographed, directed; these will really explain what happened in that specific task.

8. It’s all in the details
Choose words that accurately describe your actions or goals that you met. It is important to actually pinpoint what was accomplished, so there is no miscommunication. So get specific with your word choice.

9. Lead, managed, create
It is great to show that you had a role shaping something from an idea all the way through to execution. So choose words that perfectly demonstrate this. Words perfect for this are lead, managed and created.

10. Provide Examples
Just listing soft skills like I am a team player are hard to convey to the hiring manager who you really are. The most powerful thing you can do is give examples. Remember it’s all about being specific.

11. Be memorable yet skimmable
Most hiring managers will glance over your CV picking out buzzwords and key information to find out who is best fit for the job in record time. That’s why it is so important to choose wisely.

12. Be extra in your word choice
Now is not the best time to be shy. Use strong words that enhance yourself.\
13. Project dedication
Show some dedication to your career by using words like committed, devoted and dedicated. Show them how passionate you are.

14. Ask a friend
Reading over your CV and asking a friend to help is super vital. As explained word choice is incredibly important, so each and everyone counts. The easiest way to improve your word choice is to read your CV out loud or have someone read it out loud to you. If you start to doze off after one minute, then it’s back to the chalkboard.
Text by Peigi Mackillop
Images via giphy

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