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GucciGhost Debuts Signature Collection
Made with Artoficial Flavour.
Entertainment 04 Nov 2018

Trevor Andrews, so far best known for his GucciGhost collaboration with Gucci, produces graffiti inspired graphics and now, moved on, after being looked after by Mama Gucci for some time. Andrews is kicking off his own line of cloth  ing with staples of shirts and tees called “The Real Buy,” being produced with Live Nation. The brand has previously worked with musicians like French Montana and focuses on bold prints and graphics – so it seems like a match made in graphic heaven.
The collection features a selection of long sleeves and T-shirts, and sees the artist’s signature illustrations throughout the pieces. From fun sounding mantras like “MADE WITH ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR” and “SLEEP WHEN I’M DEAD,” the pieces feature the artist`s motifs in bright colors on monochrome white and black garments.
Head over to The Real Buy to purchase the collection.

Photos via Instagram, Therealbuy.com

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