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How To Self-Boost Your Career While The Art World Is Changing
Use this time to your advantage
Career 07 Sep 2020

It’s been such a strange year, right? And, while we’ve all been stuck at home behind our laptops for far too long, the art industry has been changing fast. Who would have thought that art fairs would go completely digital, that Instagram lives would be the new panel discussion and that the Hamptons would be the new gallery hotspot. As everything changes, you’ve probably been wondering how you can boost your career amidst this madness, right? Well, fear not art girls, here are some tips to help you stay one step ahead in the art world game. 

Network, Network, Network

Did you know you can network without meeting a single person IRL? Well, this is 2020 and the world is a very strange place. So, while you might think that there are no networking opportunities right now, you might want to think again. Send that LinkedIn message, DM your idol, you’ve got to be bold! There are also plenty of art girl networks that are super active right now so be sure to join in. Why not become a member of The Art Gorgeous House? You never know who you might meet.

Get Social

While we’re not advocating mass social gatherings right now, we are urging you to keep active on social media. Twitter, Instagram, you name it, the art world has truly got in on the act and if you’re not there too, then you’re missing out. 

Take A Course

Now is the perfect time to gain new skills. While you probably can’t take a class in person, many educators are going online, and some are even dishing out knowledge for free. Whether you want to learn more about the art market or top up on your language skills, there are so many options out there!

Show Leadership

It would be really easy to hide from your boss right now. While things are difficult, it’s probably tempting to do the minimum, but please, don’t. Now is the chance to show your colleagues how brilliant you are, show initiative, contact that client, go the extra mile. People will remember and take notice of how well you performed. 

Get Technological

If you were a technophobe before this pandemic, chances are you’re not anymore. Use this time to really familiarise yourself with new technology and apps that will help with your work. Chances are that we’ll be relying on technology a whole lot more in the future. 

Keep Updated

Do you keep up-to-date on art world news? No? Well you should! Being familiar with updates in the global art world will always be beneficial to you. And you’re in luck, we post a weekly round up on the site every week!

Update Your CV

When was the last time you updated your resume? Years ago, right? Well, now’s the time to make sure it’s up-to-date, also ensure your LinkedIn profile is looking sharp too, you never know who might be checking it. 


Use this time to think about what you really want. While you’re probably not socialising as much as before, you have the time to truly reflect on what it is that you want and to decide how you’re going to go about making it happen.

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