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Well, first of all, for the art and design crowd last week all was just about Miami...
Entertainment 11 Dec 2017

Well to keep it simple, last week all was just about Miami. But apart from a short wrap up of “Miami unusual”, here is what you should know:


Miami Express
One could get a free haircut at one of the satellite fairs (pls let us know who did!), the Museum of Ice Cream opened its Miami doors but slightly disappointed, there was lots of sunshine and numerous cool parties, but no major scandal either – and Parreno’s Fish Bowl was one of the most instagrammed works of the fair.
02Miami Express_theaorgeous

Saudi Prince revealed to have bought last DaVinci
Apart from Miami, a major deal is that we finally seem to know, who bought the most expensive art work ever, “The last DaVinci” at Christies just a few weeks back: a Saudi prince whose name is hard to remember and whom no one really had on its radar. So rather surprising, but finally the mystery is solved.

Breaking Silence
Oh yes, and Amanda Schmitt, Ex-Artforum employee who broke the silence on Knight Landesman, was announced as one of TIME’s people of the year.

04 Breaking Silence_theartgorgeous

Little Lies
And finally, KAWS announced that a new “Small Lie” limited edition toy companion will be releasing on his web store next week.


Images via media.giphy.com, time.Inc.,instagram,artnews

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