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Hellos and Goodbyes
March: Where spring breathes life into art's vibrant beginnings and tender farewells.
Art Girls Jungle 19 Mar 2024

Ever heard the adage that bidding adieu might just nudge life to greet you with a hearty hello? This month dances to this tune, whisking away winter chills to embrace spring’s warm hellos. March isn’t just a time for blossoms and breezy beginnings; it’s a podium for women worldwide, celebrating not just a day, but a whole spectrum of triumphs and tales on March 8, recognized from Armenia to Azerbaijan, Montenegro to select spots in Germany like Berlin and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Speaking of the vibrant city of Berlin, it’s ever a trendsetter, dazzled with Amorelie’s exhibition “VULVA – Diversity through Art“. Imagine a gallery of sculptures, vibrant and varied, each whispering its own story, championing the narrative that every vulva is unique. Meanwhile, Shirin Neshat unveiled her latest marvel at Fotografiska, captivating audiences with her profound insight and artistic brilliance.

The events didn’t stop there; groundbreaking achievements in the cinematic and art worlds happened. The Oscars celebrated an unprecedented number of women nominees, highlighting the strides towards inclusivity and diversity. The arts echoed this progress, with Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market reporting that, in 2023, female artists in the primary market nearly matched their male counterparts, painting a picture of parity.

In essence, the month has unfolded as a story of more “Hellos” than “Goodbyes,” setting the stage for a diverse array of news to follow. Stay tuned for more updates, from noteworthy departures to exciting introductions in the art and cultural landscapes.

1. Tina Rivers Ryan takes the Artforum reins.

Tina Rivers Ryan, a digital art enthusiast and former curator-extraordinaire at the Buffalo AKG Art Museum, is set to shake things up as Artforum’s new editor-in-chief. While some eyebrows are raised in the art world, wondering if she’s the right fit, Ryan’s enthusiasm for all things digital promises an exciting journey ahead. With her knack for sparking lively discussions and her penchant for championing emerging voices, Artforum might just be in for a wild ride. Get ready for a splash of pixels and a dash of controversy – it’s Tina time at Artforum! 🎨🚀

2. Rising artist Kiriakos Tompolidis to be represented by Galerie Judin.

Galerie Judin, renowned in Berlin’s art scene, is poised to represent the emerging talent Kiriakos Tompolidis, born in Essen in 1997. Currently pursuing his studies in painting at the University of the Arts in Berlin, Tompolidis’ work delves into questions of identity and utilizes collage techniques. His unique artistic language has garnered international attention. Galerie Judin plans to showcase Tompolidis’ work in its Viewing Room for Gallery Weekend 2024, with an official announcement expected in April.

3. Spotlight on Solvej Helweg Ovesen: New Director of Cultural Events and Programming at Fotografiska Berlin.

Danish curator Solvej Helweg Ovesen sets sail as Fotografiska Berlin’s Director of Cultural Events and Programming, leveraging her seasoned curatorial expertise to chart fresh artistic horizons. With a rich history of thought-provoking exhibitions at venues like Neuer Berliner Kunstverein or the Kunsthalle Friedericianum, Ovesen promises an exhilarating journey ahead for Fotografiska Berlin. Bon voyage to new artistic adventures!

4. Gallery David Zwirner announced the representation of rising star Emma McIntyre.

David Zwirner Gallery welcomes rising star Emma McIntyre to its roster! The 33-year-old Kiwi artist, known for her mesmerizing abstract paintings, joins the big leagues. With shows from New York to Paris, McIntyre’s collaboration with Zwirner, Chateau Shatto, and Air de Paris galleries paints a bright future. Let the creative adventure begin!

5. Nicodim Gallery is now representing Polish artist Agnieszka Nienartowicz.

Polish artist Agnieszka Nienartowicz, a master of hyper-realistic oil paintings, joins Nicodim Gallery’s eclectic lineup. Her artwork? Sensual, mysterious, and filled with tattooed muses straight out of Renaissance daydreams. Get ready for a brush with the enigmatic at Nicodim’s upcoming exhibitions!

6. Sana López Abellán to curate Larnaca Biennale 2025.

Sana López Abellán takes the helm as curator for the upcoming Larnaca Biennale 2025 in Cyprus. Hailing from Catalonia, Spain, López Abellán is a versatile Dutch/Spanish curator, artist, and anthropologist whose work transcends disciplines, seamlessly blending theory and practice. With a portfolio spanning across The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, and Spain, she brings a wealth of experience in coordinating exhibitions and public art commissions. López Abellán’s vision for the Biennale promises to offer an engaging and inclusive exploration of contemporary art, inviting audiences to embark on an exciting artistic odyssey.

7. Farewell to Lucas Samaras.

Lucas Samaras, an artist celebrated for his profound exploration of self and medium, has died at 87. Announced by Pace Gallery, where he held 30 exhibitions, Samaras was a fixture in the New York art scene, renowned for his versatile work that spanned sculptures, photography, and digital art. His innovative “Boxes” and “photo-transformations,” where he manipulated images of himself into abstract forms, underscored his exploration of identity and self-reflection. Samaras’s career, marked by a refusal to conform to any single artistic movement, leaves a legacy of curiosity and introspection, challenging viewers.

8. Patrick Moore: from Warhol to España.

Patrick Moore, the head honcho at the Andy Warhol Museum, is trading his Pittsburgh digs for sunny Spain come May 31. After jazzing up the joint with ambitious expansions and navigating the choppy waters of the “Pop District” saga, he’s off for a life of paella and siestas with his hubby. Deputy director Rachel Baron-Horn steps in as the interim boss while the museum hunts for Moore’s successor. Here’s to new adventures, Patrick! 🍷✈️

9. Helena Anrather Gallery: a New York beacon of innovation to close.

In a surprising turn for New York’s art scene, the Helena Anrather Gallery in Chinatown is closing this March after a noteworthy tenure since 2017. Known for its unique focus on sculpture and conceptual photography, the gallery has been a launchpad for artists like Farah Al Qasimi and Lotus L. Kang. Despite its success and the vibrant community it built, the gallery is shutting down, joining other recent closures in the city. The gallery will conclude with shows for Taylor Simmons, Tianyi Sun, and Fiel Guhit, ending on March 23.

10. Style Icon Iris Apfel, 102, leaves the fashion world in awe.

In a kaleidoscope of style, Iris Apfel, the vibrant New York society maven, and interior designer, has left an indelible mark at 102. Known for her eclectic wardrobe blending vintage finds with haute couture, she captivated the fashion world with her audacious flair. From flea market treasures to haute couture, Apfel embraced contradictions, inspiring generations to embrace individuality and creativity. As we bid farewell to this remarkable soul, her legacy continues to illuminate the world of style.

11. Remembering Yong Soon Min: a trailblazer in Asian American Art.

Yong Soon Min, a pioneering Korean American artist, educator, and activist, passed away at 70 in Los Angeles. Her impactful work delved into the complexities of Asian American identity and politics, leaving a profound influence on the art world. As a revered figure, Min’s legacy continues to inspire generations, shaping critical dialogues on culture and belonging.

12. Winds of change at Liste Art Fair Basel.

Joanna Kamm, who has steered Liste Art Fair Basel for five years, steps aside as the fair undergoes structural shifts. With Reto Nussbaum taking on a co-director role and Peter Bläuer at the forefront as interim artistic director for 2024, Liste embarks on a new journey. Kamm leaves a legacy of resilience, navigating the fair through pandemic challenges and digital innovations. As the search commences for a new artistic director, Liste remains steadfast in its commitment to championing emerging talent in the Basel art scene.

13. Love in the Gallery: South Korean Museums Embrace Matrimony.

Art or Love? South Korean Museums Say, “Why Not Both?” – In a bid to boost birth rates, the South Korean government announces museums as wedding venues. Forget flowers – say “I do” surrounded by priceless art! 🎨💒 Let’s see if these artsy nuptials paint a picture of marital bliss and a baby boom!

Text by Maria Nitulescu

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