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Her Clique Offers Limited Edition Works By Leading Women Contemporaries
While also benefiting non-profit organizations
Art Girls Jungle 13 Oct 2020

Did you wish there was an easy way to collect artworks by your favourite women artists in an affordable way, but that also stood for a good cause? Well, we have the solution for you! Her Clique has just launched as an online initiative promoting work by female-identifying artists, while also supporting vital non-profit organizations. Hosting monthly artist collaborations, Her Clique offers specially created limited edition works at approachable prices, with a portion of the proceeds going towards good causes. The platform’s inaugural show features works by artist Zoe Buckman,with benefits going to United Way NYC, an organization helping low-income New Yorkers make ends meet and lead-self-sufficient lives. Having launched only last month, we spoke to Izabela Depczyk – Her Clique’s founder – to learn all about the new platform!

Izabela Depczyk by Weston Wells, courtesy of Her Clique

What first drew you to art?

My background is actually not in art, I studied Political Science and International Law but have always loved being surrounded by creativity, and have had a deep, personal interest in art. Professionally, I came into the artworld through art media, eventually becoming the publisher of the venerable ARTnews. I have collected art for about 10 years now. What started off as a shy cultivation of a hobby, has now become a full time ambition, where I really try to spot talent early, supporting artists at the head of their artistic journey, and following their footsteps as they hone their skills. This is why it has been so rewarding to be on the board of New York Academy of Art which is a source of so many talented artists.

What gave you the idea to found Her Clique?

I led companies like ARTnews and Paddle8 in the past, and while these experiences were invaluable, the brands carried a lot of history which in itself can be quite challenging, particularly when you come with your own vision for how you think the business should be managed. Her Clique is my startup, which genuinely reflects my ambitions for business and which combines my three passions: supporting women, allowing younger generations for a greater participation in the art world and giving back to the community. Her Clique was really born out of wanting to do all these things at the same time.

Zoe Buckman for Her Clique

How do you choose your artists, and which female artists should we have on our radars?

Our main criteria is to work with talented artists who identify as women. I am very intuitive with the artists I work with and our lineup so far has really been through existing relationships with the artists I have been closely following and personally admiring. I’m eager to be expansive with our thinking of the “work of women artists”, that is to say I see this is a wide umbrella that can uplift a wide range of female and female-identifying experiences. Some artists whose work I love include Toyin Ojih Odutola, Kennedy Yanko, Sarah Faux, Leigh Ruple, Carlota Guerrero, and Frida Orupabo to name a few.

What’s in your art collection?

I collect works from a broad spectrum of artists. Some of my favorite pieces include works by Sarah Faux, Anna Park, Zoe Buckman, Leigh Ruple, Damien Davis, Frida Orupabo, Jess Johnson and Seungjin Yang, among others.

Zoe Buckman for Her Clique

Who are your art world sheroes?

At the risk of sounding cheesy, my all-time art world sheroe is Frida Kahlo. I generally identify with women who overcame personal or professional challenges and come one stronger while still preserving their sensitivity towards people and the world around them. I truly love and admire artists like Zoe Buckman (our debut artist collaboration) who so perfectly embodies through her work the female experience, the beautiful and the ugly sides of it. And last but not least, Agnes Gund, who is a titan and an example in art and philanthropy with her Art for Justice fund.

What advice would you give to young women wanting to pursue a career in the art world?

I’d say to lead with passion and surround yourself with professional and driven people. I wouldn’t have come this far without the incredible team I get to work with every day.

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

I am excited for the first full year of Her Clique, we’re just starting out but I’ve been really pleased with how well received it has been. I’m really enjoying the journey, at this point I’m thrilled to be collaborating with such amazing women and having so many positive conversations with organizations, galleries and curators that I’m really inspired by.

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