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A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture
Uncategorized 08 Jul 2022

While you stoke all about the North West fashion style in this last Paris Haute Couture Week, this is what happened in art, fashion, design, and pop culture for this week.

1. Balenciaga Ultra-Futuristic

Balenciaga, for this Haute Couture Week, not only gifted us with a show full of celebrities, such as Naomi Campbell, Dua Lipa, Nicole Kidman or Kim Kardashian… But also rocketed his typical Cristóbal Balenciaga silhouettes injected with his Demna Gvasalia’s DNA to another level in a unique exquisite hybrid of deep and artistic forms and concepts, pushing them to even finishing the silhouette with black vinyl masks, unidentifying anybody, letting raise all kinds of identity for those who wear it (stop this so arty alert).

This entire collection has an ultra-futuristic universe straight out of a Daft Punk movie. But dance with the past, is a travel on the brand’s DNA; even its playlist ranges from poems taken from famous french song with an ultra-conceptual sense to old playlists that remind us of the great glory of Cristóbal Balenciaga.

The concept is a nod to transhumanism with vinyl masks and shoes that give the appearance of futuristic robots, all playing with extremes, from minimalism to maximalism in their silhouettes. With this collection Demna Gvasalia offered us one of the most modern shows of this fashion week and a true evolution of Haute Couture.

2. Sally Gabori at Cartier Foundation

Australian Aboriginal art will always be enigmatic for many, but there is an artist who has stood out for 20 years, having hybridized this style and contemporary art. Her name is Sally Gabori. Although her recognition came late in life, (she started to paint at 80years old) even her creative strength and intensity captivated the art world.

For this project of cultural reaffirmation, the foundation also set up this exhibition in collaboration with the Kaiadilt community.

Sally Gabori is born circa 1924 on Bentinck Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria in northern Australia. She belongs to the Kaiadilt people and speaks the Kayardilt language. Her Kayardil name is Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda. She comes from a population that is the last Australian Aborigines to come into lasting contact with European settlers. Sally Gabori and her family have long led traditional lives, relying almost entirely on the natural resources of her island.

In 1948, a tidal wave wiped out a large part of its population, who were exiled to Mornington, where they were uprooted from their language and culture. It was not until 1990 that they fought for the recognition and protection of their culture. The artist began painting in 2005 and his works shows the reflection and the love of protecting and preserving his cultural legacy.

Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris, from July 3 to November 6, 2022.

3. Rick Owens DRKSHDW x Converse TURBODRK

This piece is back on the map for specific dates; The previous ones are totally sold out, but all is not lost! July 29th, a new sale will open where you can buy your iconic pair of this collaboration. The model will be slightly the same but with certain modifications making it a new series to collect. The silhouettes are a little more elongated, and a new option is silver and as an extra element some accompanying with some backpacks in the accessories. So if you are a Rick Owens’ fan, do not forget to put your fashion alert for next July 29th.

4. Gaetan Vaguelsy Polaris Gallery

He is a young man who wants to show us how the universe of street art embraces the graphic universe with a discourse that speaks to us of a plural youth, which seeks its balance and identity in extremes. With a few poetic touches, they want to tell us how kid searches for their uniqueness and cut old stereotypes, playing between the classic, hyper-realistic, and the street—an artist who promises a lot to talk about it.

July 06 until July 31, 2022

From Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm. Sunday 2 to 6pm.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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