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Highlights of Berlin Art Week 2022
You can follow our list of highlights and check
Art Stuff 20 Sep 2022

On its 11th edition, Berlin Art Week is still one of the capital’s most important cultural events which attracts an international public with its exhibition openings, performances, temporary projects and the POSITIONS Art Fair. After a week of non-stop art, from 14th to 18th of September, we’re left with memories of the most interesting temporary events and exhibitions running until the end of the month or longer. With over 50 galleries around the city, institutions and project spaces, it’s impossible to see everything on offer in the German capital, but you can follow our list of highlights and check if you missed one of the must-see exhibitions:

Uferhallen open studios and exhibition ‘’On Equal Terms’’
15 – 25.09.2022, Uferhallen Kulturstandort

This year Berlin Art Week had its main focus on Uferhallen, an important community space for numerous contemporary artists working in Berlin-Wedding. The open studios is a rare occasion to see and learn about how the artists part of the community create on a daily basis, while the exhibition ‘’On Equal Terms’’ presents twenty-six artistic positions trying to raise attention on the struggle against the gentrification of spaces for living and working in Berlin. Since 2017 the Uferhallen has fallen under the ownership of a large investment company and the future of the studios remains unclear.

Ian Cheng at LAS
Life After BOB, 09.09 – 06.11.2022, Halle am Berghain

The private institution LAS (Light Art Space) known for commissioning ambitious art projects, this time is presenting ‘’Life after Bob,’’ a groundbreaking cinematic experience which questions the complex relationship between technology and human free will. Computer-simulated, Cheng’s physical installation fills the monumental concrete hall of Halle am Berghain, where the space becomes an experience animated by light and cinematic storytelling.

Jenna Sutela at Schering Stiftung

Stellar Nursery 15.09 – 27.11.2022, Unter den Linden 32–34, 10117 Berlin

Schering foundation is known for promoting life sciences, the contemporary arts, as well as scientific and cultural education, often creating its own projects and programs. This year during Art Week, the foundation has inaugurated the first solo exhibition by the Finish artist, Jenna Sutela. Titled ‘’Stellar Nursery,’’ the exhibition incorporates Sutela’s latest body of work dedicated to the science and unique properties around human milk. Showcasing a new installation titled “HMO Nutrix” (2022) and video, “Milky Ways”(2022), the artist explores the breast milk composition with its associated benefits, and the efforts of the food industry to reproduce its ingredients through biotechnology in order to create health-optimizing dietary supplements.

Exhibition Mona Hatoum in three different locations around Berlin

Neuer Berliner Kunstverein 14.09 – 13.11.2022
KINDL – Center for Contemporary Art 18.09.2022 – 14.05.2023
Georg Kolbe Museum 14.09.2022 – 8.01.2023

On the occasion of Berlin Art Week 2022 a cooperation between three significant art institutions was born: the Mona Hatoum exhibition, showing her multifaceted work on body politics and migration. Born in Beirut to Palestinian parents in 1952, Hatoum has been based in the UK since the outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War in 1975, while she was not allowed to return to her homeland since then. The KINDL Kesselhaus is displaying her site-specific installation ‘’all of a quiver,’’ while video recording of performances are running at the George Kolbe museum, and sculptural works at the Neue Berliner Kunstverein.

Queerness in Photography at C/O Berlin

17.09.2022 – 18.01.23, Amerika Haus Berlin

C/O Berlin is focusing on the queerrepresentation in the history of photography
with three parallel, complementary exhibitions. The theme is exploring the safe space of documenting identity, gender, and sexuality since the invention of the medium in 1839, along with contemporary forms of expressing gender fluidity, incorporating: ‘’Under Cover. A Secret History of Cross-Dressers — Sébastien Lifshitz Collection; Casa Susana. Cindy Sherman Collection and Orlando. Curated by Tilda Swinton.’’

Gallery shows not to be missed: first exhibition of US artist Kiki Smith at Thomas Schulte Gallery (17.09 – 22.10.22), Ed Atkins at Isabella Bortolozzi Gallery (14.09 – 05.11.2022), Jon Rafman at Sprüth Magers (17.09 -29.10.2022) and Marianna Simnett at Société Berlin (16.09 – 22.10.2022.)

This year’s Berlin Art Week also took over some rather unusual locations:

  • temporary Musée de la Fraise with different locations across Berlin in the stands of Karls Erdbeerhof, focusing on themes such as sensuality, passion and desire, expressed by twelve female artists, among them Laure Prouvost, Shana Moulton or Christil Murak;
  • another temporary project, under the motto ‘’Reinickendorf Rules,’’ Wilhelm Hallen opened their doors on the occasion of their 3rd edition with ambitious group exhibitions such as K60, including 15 Berlin galleries: Alexander Levy, Carlier | Gebauer, ChertLüdde, Efremidis, Esther Schipper, Klosterfelde Edition, HUA International, Klemm‘s, Mehdi Chouakri, neugerriemschneider, NOME, PSM, Soy Capitán, Sprüth Magers, and Sweetwater.

Text by Maria Nitulescu

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