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Our Highlights From Paris Fashion Week
Because it wasn't just Frieze last week...
Art x Style 06 Oct 2019

It may have been Frieze last week, but it was also the finale of Paris Fashion Week. And while you may have been preoccupied with art, we’ve got you covered with the sartorial choices you might want to wear to your next big art fair.
Back To The Past With Thom Browne

Thom Browne once again looked to history to clothe his girls. With big bouffant hair-do’s, panniers, and structures one might expect to see worn under dresses hundreds of years ago, he told us the real meaning of what it means for fashion to repeat itself.
All About Volume At Balenciaga

Proving that ballgowns are coming back again, the models at Balenciaga paraded down the runway in big frocks with big skirts. From shocking silver to devilish red, we know what we want to be wearing to the next big party of the season.
Floating Dresses At Issey Miyake

At the Issey Miyake show this season, the designer had his models walk onto the runway in nude underwear. They were subsequently clothed in dresses that fell onto them from the ceiling. Pure magic!
All About Headwear At Rick Owens

While we could talk about the clothing at Rick Owens, we’d rather speak about the accessories. His models were adorned in headdresses that might be compared to something that ancient Egyptian pharaohs wore thousands of years ago. Totally striking and totally here for it!
Christian Lacroix Makes A Comeback

Iconic 80’s designer Christian Lacroix returned to fashion through a collaboration with Dries Van Noten. Proving that power-dressing never goes out of style, we’re hoping that this collaboration lasts for more than just one season.
Plant Power At Comme Des Garcons
The world is all about the planet, nature and sustainability right now, so what better way to pay homage than by making clothes and accessories inspired by fauna and flora!? Flower artist Azuma Makoto made some stunning headpieces for Comme Des Garcons and we can’t wait to get our hands on some!
Barbie Chic At Off White

We all wanted to be a Barbie Girl back in the day, right? Well some of us still do and, luckily enough, Virgil Abloh has made that possible by creating this fuchsia ensemble at Paris Fashion Week. So, we now have even more reasons to be jealous of Bella Hadid…
Parisian Chic At Chanel (What Else)

You can always count on Chanel to make you hunker after a classic you’ve seen a million times before. Under the direction of Virginie Viard, Chanel did just that, on a set that saw models walk around Parisian rooftops.
Text Lizzy Vartanian
Images via @thombrowneny @vogueitalia @fashion_moda_milano_ig @rickowensonline @driesvannoten @britishvogue @chanelofficial

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