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A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture.
Art x Style 05 Aug 2022

While you take your piña colada and try to retake energy for the next months before the storm, this is what happened in the fashion, art and pop culture world.

1. Ana de Armas, Blonde

In 2020, the new movie based on the life of Marylin Monroe has been announced, and since  we have to support a long wait. Last week a photo and the preview of the film were released by Netflix. The leading actress is Ana de Armas who captivated us by her performance in the last James bond movie. This biopic, directed by Andrew Dominik, is very focused on Norma Jeane without the massacre of Marilyn Monroe, a symbol of the femme fatale of the time, and tormented by being underestimated.

The movie is also a mix between fiction and accurate data, even if the actress has received much criticism for her accent, we are sure that this will stay in the background because the tormented sweetness of her gestures and the photography of the movie will surely captivate many in the month of September when it comes out on the Netflix platform.

2. Jane Fonda x H&M

If you are fans of the old aerobics videos from the 80s, this capsule is for you with an athletic retro style. The new H&M sports line called Move wants to reclaim the term sportswear for movewear. This is a new philosophy about sport where everyone can wear it, without age, gender, or lifestyle. With the philosophy of Jane that we love, the physique is not necessary; What matters is having the body in movement. This campaign also came with the dancer face JaQuel Knight. So, let’s get carried away by this new synergy of movewear, excellent without pretension.

3. Prada Robot jewelry

This is the cutest thing you will see this week with the idea of reinventing the brand’s famous triangle. These adorable accessories in the shape of a robot in 925 sterling silver will steal your attention; Always keeping that minimalist aesthetic, this robot gives quite original twits to the triangle to which we are accustomed. It is also matched with a necklace with these adorable mini robots. That will provide the arty touch to your looks.

4. Design Miami Paris cancels the option for Concorde Place

 Art Basel has an inseparable partner, the Miami Design Fair, which has already accustomed us to a complementary formula; The Miami Design Paris Fair was preparing for the big event in October, but permission from the city of Paris was denied on the grounds of “security problems.” It was thought that the event would take place, in Place de la Concorde, in conjunction with Art Basel Paris +. Still, this crowded place is a critical point in the city because they fear that demonstrations and its proximity to the president’s main residence will be generated.

This news hit us like cold water, but don’t worry, the entourage is working on an alternative space for this to take place in October, although at the moment, there are no statements about it.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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