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Hot Sumer news
A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture
Entertainment 22 Jul 2022

While you look for new solutions to refresh yourself in the middle of this scorching climate wave, this is what happened in the fashion, art, and pop culture world.

1. Gucci’s first pet collection

Gucci knows how to please the hidden desires of our inner fashionistas, and this time it gave us the cute touch that every lover of the brand and with pets, surely wants to have.

Gucci created an entirely new line with elegance, tenderness, and much of Gucci’s love for the furry ones at home. That’s right, luxury is also affordable for pets. These pieces bear the brand’s artisanal stamp and the retro style of Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, with seventies geometric patterns that make this new direction of the brand unique. It is noteworthy that this line is an extension of the lifestyle that Gucci launched in 2021.

This line has a wide range of objects that range from sofas with custom-made cryptograms, necklaces, and adorable sweaters, among others; the style also has a touch of kitsch inspired by the cabinet of curiosities where we usually find porcelain pieces of cute pets. The line is now available.

2. Balenciaga Speaker bag

If the majestic Balenciaga show full of visual extremes were not enough, there was an extra element that deserves a space dedicated to it. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the unique bag we saw in several looks presented during the last Haute Couture show in Paris.

This Haute Couture and high-tech alliance came about with Bang & Olufsen creating a kind of hybrid bag with all the brand’s technologies, including the Bluetooth system. This piece is in solid aluminum, and this is a very limited quantity with only 20 editions. Many presented elements should also be highlighted in the collection such as the black masks with ultra-protective Formula 1 technology, so the brand is subtly showing us its new passage to the Balenciaga lifestyle objects.

3. Newfound Van Gogh

It seems that the finds are rare but not impossible and this time, the artist who gave us an extra drawing was Vincent van Gogh, who was discovered by a scanner just behind one of his paintings known as Head of a Peasant. In his examination, conservation found this drawing in the back. It should be noted that it is logical because artists, who did not have great fortune, reused their materials in all possible ways. The drawing found is taken from a self-portrait of the artist. Restoration will be extended because there is a rest of the glue and other elements used on the back of the painting.

The drawing may be exhibited and seen in public, but under specific protection, it is available from July 30 to November 13 at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh.

4. Lazy Oaf, X Ricardo Passaporte

This capsule unites the two kings of weird style, with all the humor and street style that characterize them. Ricardo Passaporte is a Portuguese who use animal print or repetitive figures and graphics with a unique spirit in his class. This time he allied with Lazy Oaf, a brand full of neutro-genre garments. These brands come together to fill the summer with a lot of color and humor, and why not, of empowerment.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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