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Hot Summer News 
A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture.
Entertainment 12 Aug 2022

While you think I’m in the yoga retreat, yes, maybe, but your favorite wrap is here, and This happened in the fashion, art, and pop culture world.

1. Issey Miyake a Legend Dies

The 1970s were a time of significant social and artistic growth, where a legacy of unique designer styles was born. Issey Miyake was one of the first Japanese creators to be recognized worldwide and reach Haute Couture. His legacy is essentially a legacy of beauty, nature, and colors that make us travel to a different world, differentiating us from the horrors experienced in the war of that time.

He was also one of the pioneers in mixing comfortable clothing with design and technology. He created his famous pleats and unique cuts by calling Pleats Please line with permanent wrinkle-free wrinkles that are simply magical. Personally, these are garments for those who travel a lot—lots of simple light magic, just Miyake.

His shows also reflected that love for magic, sewing, and technology, leaving us immersed in the unique world of Miyake. His absence will mark a before and after, but his legacy will continue. And that’s how on August 5, 2022, a legend left an empty chair in front of our lives; long live the magic, thanks, Mr. Miyake.

2. Paris Hilton in the Sandbox

On August 9, sandbox announced their new collaboration with the queen of the pinkest parties you will see in the metaverse world; this time, they bet on making a new buildable universe called virtual Malibu Mansion. In collaboration with Hilton’s firm, 11:11 Media, The Sandbox is bringing the world of the star into the metaverse.

Paris is one of the stars who know how to use new technologies very well, thus getting involved in the NFT world, metaverse, and now she wants to surprise her fans with web3 technology, her fans will be able to attend social events, rooftops and glamorous experiences, they will also have the opportunity to choose between 11 diverse avatars.

 They are monetizing the spaces and allowing you to build and have a virtual life in the pinkest style in the Paris Hilton style.

3. Australia will do a concert in Tribute to Olivia Newton-John

This week we also lost another pop culture icon, the girl who made every shy girl dream in high school, giving hope to overcome shyness and become a femme fatale; I’m talking about Olivia Newton-John. So her country of adoption, Australia, wants to provide her with a farewell concert for them and all their fans of different generations. Olivia left us this Monday at 73, a person living with breast cancer. It will be more of a concert than a funeral. It will be a fitting celebration for such a rich and generous life”, said the head of government of the Australian State of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, in statements collected this Thursday, August 11, by the local public channel ABC.

Due to her death from breast cancer, the Sydney Opera House is dressed in pink, which reminds us of this fight of many women. The interpreter of Grace had been fighting the disease for 30 years. In 2018, she was diagnosed again with stage 4 breast cancer with metastases in her back, having suffered from the disease in 1992 and 2013.

“For me, psychologically, it is better not to have a clue of what lies ahead or how long the last person who had what I have is truly a god to a fighting woman who will always live in many romantic hearts.

4. 50 years of Nike Running

Yes, running lovers, it’s party time; This year is the 50th anniversary of Nike running (not even thinking about the rustic shoes from before, ouch,” what a pain.) without the invention of that little rubber that cushions our life and gives us wings to run what would be our feet? And it is so that in 1964, our beloved NIKE was born. Famous for its embossed rubber sole,famously called the moon shoe (yes, because it took us there to the moon), that allowed the sport to enter a new era. Although each year the brand advances its technology without limits creating lines like the air that go one step further, we will never stop celebrating the arrival of the brand that marked the history of sports, so happy 50 Nike Running.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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