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How Art Girls Recover From A Bad Day At Work
Our favourite art squad shares their secrets on how to recharge
Art Girls Jungle 04 Jul 2023

Everyone has days at work that are so terrible they consider leaving and never returning. Luckily for most of us, these only happen once in a blue moon and most problems usually smooth over with time. That said, the workplace is where we spend most of our living hours during the week, and it can be hard to shake off the damage caused by a negative day in the office once we come back home.
The art world is no different. While it may seem like it is full of glamorous parties, thoughtful exhibitions and of course, eye-candy, we also have to deal with deadlines, bitchy colleagues and nightmare bosses just like everyone else. So, in order to find ways to get over this stress, we spoke to our favourite art girls: artists, curators, journalists, you name them, to find out how they deal with bad days in the art world.
breakfast at tiffanys
“I recover from a horrible day at work by taking a long bath and watching a good show or documentary. I could be in my bath for hours. I’m also a ferocious reader and try and get to reading whenever I can. Another great way to recover from a horrible day, is working out. I love to run and do pilates, it releases a lot of endorphins and gives me a lot of clarity when I’m overthinking.” – Isabel Getty, Painter and Singer-Songwriter (@isabelgetty)
“I put on a face mask by Circumference, dip my feet in a warm bucket of water with epsom salt, take out the ice cream from the freezer and start eating in front of my favorite French TV show ‘Quotidien’.” – Lolita Cros, Founder and Curator of The Salon at The Wing (@l0l0lita)
“Listening to the Archers in a monstrously bubbly bath with a large glass of pinot noir (I know it’s a radio soap opera for old people, but nothing drowns out art world chaos like the problems of an imaginary farming community in the English countryside…)” – Aimee Dawson, Assistant Editor at The Art Newspaper (@amldawson)
“A psychological Thriller & Internal Pep Talk” – Natasha Arselan, Founder and CEO AucArt (@natashaarselan)
“Good music always helps and headspace is a great app for ‘switching off’.” – Nina Moaddel, Art Advisor (@ninamoaddel)
“Friends and laughter …. lots and lots of laughter. however I have to say that ‘work ‘ never feels like work … I always find my zen moment behind the camera.” – Maryam Eisler, Photographer and Author (@maryameisler)
“With good music and my boyfriend’s home made pasta (he’s half Italian)” – Anahita Sadighi, Founder Anahita: Arts of Asia and Anahita Contemporary (@berlinartlover)
“I recover with the smiles from my boys Konstantin (12) and Marcel (10) and I always think Champagne should be toasted on good days as well as bad days so my recovery will come at the end of the year with a detox yoga trip to Goa. Until then I will keep on working hard :)” – Kristin Hjellegjerde, Gallerist (@kristinhjellegjerde)
“A bath! There is nothing that fixes a horrible day more than a hot bath with some really nice bath oil (I use the Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin). If it’s been REALLY horrible I will put on the CALM app to help me unwind.” – India Whalley, Director The Dot Project and The Edition 94 (@indiawhalley)
“I WhatsApp my friends who are my rocks. Also, comfort food… my fave is sushi. Which is particularly apt given my recent art collaboration with Nobu Hotel Shoreditch – check it out! Fabulous set of emerging artists I work with my curatorial platform Aindrea Contemporary adorning the walls of the Hotel and restaurant – best enjoyed with black cod sliders of course!” – Aindrea Emelife, Curator (@aindreacontemporary)
“I spend more time with my children, they always charge me with best day vibes.” – Tamuna Arshba, Founder ERTI Gallery (@tamun_a13)
“Meeting with my gal-them for dinner at icco’s, then dancing my blues away at Troy 22.” – Miranda Chance, Researcher, Hauser & Wirth, @mirandachance1

Words Lizzy Vartanian
images @moominofficial, @disney_magicaddict, @mysticalberries, @80sfavs, @moviesdontcreatepsychos, @glammcs, @disney_alwayswithus, pinterest, weheartit

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