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How Creatives Communicate Effectively In Virtual Teams
When you’re a team, but you’re apart
Art x Tech 16 Oct 2020

2020 is the year we all worked together virtually, and while in some ways it has been a blessing, in others it has been a total pain. Endless emails, way too many zoom calls, and a disgusting amount of time online…It often feels like it’s all too much. On top of that, we have to figure out how to maintain that team spirit while we’re all disconnected from each other. So, how do we go about that? Well, let us tell you!

Schedule Regular Team Meetings

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As they say communication is key, and while emails are amazing, it’s not the same as a real group conversation. Make sure you have weekly meetings, whether they be group phone chats or a big Zoom call. When you’re all on the same line it’ll be as though everyone’s in the same room.

Use Your Webcam

I know that we all hate Zoom at this point, but it’s really hard to feel connected when there’s no face-to-face interaction. As annoying as it is, you’ll probably actually feel better after you’ve seen what your colleagues are wearing, and if they’re smiling, as opposed to just hearing a noise with no face.

Set Rules And Boundaries

OK, so nobody likes rules, but during these times we have to respect each other. It’s a good idea to establish some boundaries. Multiple emails and follow-up’s every five seconds are not going to help anyone. Perhaps make it a rule that you all email at the start or the end of each-day, or some other system to make sure that you are all in sync but not overwhelmed. You’ll all feel so much better! 

Check In On Individual Team Members

While teams comprise multiple people, they are all individuals at heart. It’s hard to see how someone is really doing, if you only ever communicate as a group. Make sure you check-in on each member of your team individually too, it’ll give you a better sense of how they’re doing.

Pick Up The Phone Once In A While

Sometimes nothing beats a phone call. As attractive as emails may seem, you’re bound to get a more immediate response when you pick up your phone. We all have smartphones, so it’s a good idea to try using the phone function once in a while!

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