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How To Approach A Gallery Via Instagram
Being smart about social networking
Career 11 May 2021

Getting signed by a major gallery has always been difficult. Those big white cubes have never been particularly approachable, and most of us are often too scared to try. Years ago, the only way to get attention was to physically go and meet someone at the gallery, but now, we have Instagram. Your portfolio is viewable to anyone around the world, so getting into that glittering gallery may not be as out of reach as you think. Here are a few tips to help you approach a gallery via the gram.

Like Smart

Liking every post a gallery uploads onto the gram is more likely to get you billed as annoying, rather than someone who might be easy to work with. Like one or two posts, regularly. And don’t just like new posts, like the really old ones too, it shows you have a big interest in the gallery’s work.

If There’s A Fair In Your City, Offer To Help 

Offering to lend a helping hand is a good way in. Galleries are always interested in having extra interns on hand and it shows that you really care about the gallery’s business, and not just about how they might be able to help you. Once you’ve demonstrated how great you are, you’ll have the chance to directly ask them about working with you. Bonus, you’ll get free entry to overpriced art fairs and you’ll also be able to scout out other galleries who you may never have considered working with before.

Leave Thoughtful Comments

Just posting a heart on IG isn’t going to cut it. Leave an honest, insightful comment, something that the social media team is unable to miss. You need to stand out from the crowd, and for the right reasons. Think about what catches your attention on the gram, and copy it. If you see something that interests you on the gallery’s feed, you could even email them to follow-up about it. 

Via DM

This one is risky, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get! So, you may as well try! If it’s a small gallery, you’re more likely to be successful here, as social media persons at Zwirner and co are unlikely to be the ones who decide whether your work is of interest. In such a case, it’s best to use your direct message to ask how to connect to the right person. 

Interact With Polls And IG Lives

We’re all tired of IG Lives at this point, but they’re a great way to get noticed on the gram. So many people watch these live sessions, but not that many actually comment or interact. It’s a good way to get your fave gallery’s attention. Next time your dream gallery goes live, leave an interesting comment or ask them a question, you’re sure to get noticed.

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