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How To Beat Freelancer Isolation Blues
Because working for yourself can be super lonely
Art Girls Jungle 07 Jul 2020

We are ALL for supporting independent women, but sometimes being super independent can be incredibly lonely. Being a freelancer is tough, and while yes, you can set your own hours and are effectively your own boss, most of the time you are alone and after a while the novelty can wear off. But donโ€™t fret freelance art girl, we are totally here to help you when you have the freelancer isolation blues. Here are a few ways you can beat that isolation!

Donโ€™t Use The Internet For EVERYTHING

The virtual world is great, Zoom, Skype, social media, emails, hell, we donโ€™t even need phone calls anymore. But, when you are working alone face-to-face meetings are everything. If you can, escape your laptopโ€™s blue light and take those meetings in person, do!

Work Away From Home

OK, so the whole point of freelancing is so that you can work from home, and while that can bring with it A LOT of benefits, from childcare to saving money on lunches, it also means that you are confined to one place. Why not set up shop in a cafe or co-working space a couple of times a week? The change of scenery will be super refreshing and you never know who you might meet!

Focus On A Few Key Relationships Instead Of Lots Of Minor Ones

When you work for yourself, you are constantly having to keep tabs on people so as to secure work. That said, if you are liaising with too many people, it is likely that you are only able to scratch the surface of making any real relationships. By focusing on a few more lucrative interactions, you are likely to get more out of the conversation, not only in terms of business, but on the social side too. 

Make Evening Plans

After a long day of working at home, there is nothing worse than an evening at home. You NEED to get out, even if itโ€™s just for a walk. But, a better option would be dinner with friends or some other social event. You cannot stay inside all the time!

Use Your Phone

And not for social media! Why not catch up with your pals over a phone call? Social interaction, even if by phone, will make you feel much better, and give you a much needed break from all that work youโ€™ve got to do.

Find Your Community

Working from home neednโ€™t be lonely. There are so many online groups full of people in the same position who are able to support you, whether they be in your industry, or doing something totally different. Online tribes are super beneficial, so why not check out The Art Gorgeous House?!

Get Involved In Mentoring

This can work in two ways, either you help someone whoโ€™s just starting out in their career, or you score yourself your own mentor who can be of benefit to you. Mentoring will not only be a meaningful and rewarding experience for all parties involved, but it will also allow you to develop deep and meaningful relationships. 

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