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How To Butt-Kick Your Career After Art Basel Is Cancelled?
Let us come to your rescue as the future of the art world is doubt
Career 09 Jun 2020

Hey art girl, we know things are looking a bit gloomy right now, but please, don’t cry about it. We’re here to help you as the bad news seems to refuse to go away. While we’re in doubt whether any major art fair apart from local boutique fairs are going to take place this year, we’re here to bring some sunshine into your life. Even though Art Basel has pressed the cancel button, there are still ways that you can sell your art and grow your network. So don’t be sad, your career is NOT cancelled!

Sharpen your online profile

Let’s get real. It’s going to be a while before any sense of “normality” enters the art world. So, even though you were adverse to online exhibitions a year ago, it’s time to get over it. Exhibiting and selling work online will not only allow you to continue holding exhibitions, it can also bring in a whole new audience who may never have entered your gallery pre-corona. Plus, you can do all this in your pyjamas, so no more stressing about what you’re going to wear to work today!

Upgrade you social(ly distanced) media

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Now is the time to up your IG game. We are all attached to our phones right now, so if you’re not utilising social media, you’re missing out on A LOT of art world interaction. Have you noticed how all the huge galleries and gallerists are going live ALL THE TIME. This is a chance to really make a bang on socials, so don’t shy away from your smartphone apps.

Strengthen your network

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Thought networking was only for IRL events? Think again honey, working the room has now gone ONLINE. I can bet that people are stalking your LinkedIn profile more than ever before. Now’s the time to make the most of these platforms you usually ignore. And, while we’re at it, why not sign up to other arts-focused initiatives? Why not even join The Art Gorgeous House? We’re an eccentric, global, female empowering, still man-loving, fun sister-hood of creative minds, boss girls, entrepreneurs and everyone (M/F/D) who identifies as one or all of the above, and we’re here to support each other!

Take a sabbatical to structure yourself

There’s nothing wrong with taking some time out to recalibrate. If you think it’s time to take a pause, do that. We are totally for self-empowerment. Whether that be through courses or rethinking your business. Greatness shouldn’t be rushed. 

Think about your local art scene too

The art world is famous for how global it is. But let’s be honest, our usual schedule of fair hopping across the globe is on halt for god knows how long. In this time, why not fall in love with the institutions on your front door again? Once they reopen (depending on where you are geographically) your local galleries and museums will be the first that are accessible to you IRL. Now is the perfect time to remind these spaces about who you are and give them a little bit of love. They probably need it even more than you do. 

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