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How Art Girls Efficiently Use Their Time Before A Flight
While you wait to hurtle through the sky in a tin can
Just Gorgeous 10 Dec 2019

Whether you’re faced with hours of layover, or you’ve been  confronted with a long delay, being stuck an airport can be hell. Even on less hectic travel days, flying is not often the greatest experience. But being trapped in the airport needn’t be a place for the humdrum and clock watching.


Image via Getty Images

Most people will get their head stuck in a book, or get through some series’ of Netflix on their iPad — but with hours of flight time with your knees squashed up to your chin looming in the near future, why not do something a little more active?

Besides being delayed, if you get to the airport early enough with the recommended two hours for domestic flights, three for international – there is a small, blissful window between when you get through security, and before you board your flight, where, for a moment, you are suspended in no man’s land. And in this no man’s land, there is freedom to do more things then you think possible. With a little bit of creativity you can turn that dead time at the airport into fun. Read on to find out our top ten tips on how to best spend your time while waiting to hurtle through the sky in a tin can.

Image via Getty Images

  1. Go art exploring
    Many airports house great art collections, with permanent and rotating exhibits mounted throughout the terminals. Leave your terminal area (if security allows) and check out the art on display.
  2. Go on a bar or food crawl
    With the knowledge that you will not even be earth bound soon, time to forget about your diet. While airports once may have been fast-food central, today they are increasingly great spots for chic drinking and dining eateries.
  3. Treat yourself
    Does a pre-flight massage or getting your nails done sound like a dream come true? Chances are, that dream could be a reality. Many airports now boast spas and massage centers.
  4. Practice your language skills
    Refresh your language skills you have learnt on your trip when buying a souvenir.
  5. People Watch
    Airports bring together people of all different backgrounds, and it can be entertaining to simply sit and watch for a while. Why bother with soap operas when you’ve got the real thing right in front of you? Entertain yourself by checking out people’s outfits or by imagining where they could be going, or what their life story might be… or maybe look to see what everyone else is doing to fill in their time, it might give you some ideas.

Image via Getty Image

  • Get creative
    Why not bring along a sketch pad or keep your fingers busy and bring along a small knitting, crochet or needlepoint project.
  • Be productive and get some work done
    Bring work or study materials to make good use of your free time. Set up shop in a food court if you want to work on a table and stick on your headphones. Or find a quiet gate that’s not in use for better concentration.
  • Shop!
    Most airports will have at least a couple of small gift shops, and the bigger ones boast huge malls with duty free discounts. Buy last-minute gifts or treat yourself to some new clothes or a book. Even if you are just window shopping in the Gucci store and decide not to buy anything, it is an interesting way to pass time.
  • Catch up with friends
    Use this time to catch up with friends who you have neglected for a while. Or if you can’t get hold of them due to the time difference, use your phone to edit or post some envy inducing snaps. Sometimes social media can be all consuming and feel like a waste of time. But when you’re waiting at the airport, it can act as your live entertainment.
  • Plan your trip ahead
    With a bit of extra time on your hands you can use it to plan your trip. And if you are heading home you can use it to plan your next trip. Most airports have free internet, so make the most of them to plan sightseeing tours, decide on where you are going to stay, or pick out which galleries you are going to visit.


Text by Peigi Mackillop

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