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How to energise your art career with crystals
Which stone to carry in your pocket, when you discuss your pay rise
Art Girls Jungle 05 Mar 2024
The workplace is filled with all kinds of (different) characters, driving you insane on your career path. Even the most confident of us do have their off days – and who can blame them – and need a little assistance in some areas.

These top 10 crystals come in handy when there is a problem to solve and why not upgrading your work desk with some fresh energy?

1 Banish jealousy

Tired of dealing with bitchy work mates? Put an end to office rivalry by placing a piece of black onyx in a communal area, e.g. next to the gallere`s coffee machine? It’s said to protect you from the negative thoughts of others, and will ensure any petty, playground gossiping is quickly a thing of the past.

 2 Encourage promotions & pay rises

Boost your chances of promotion and a bigger pay packet by putting a citrine crystal under your pillow, or keeping one in your handbag. It’s thought to help you manifest your dream job and income, and will have you climbing the career ladder before you know it. Definitely don’t forget carrying it when discussing the next pay rise or commission with a client.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 10.59.03

 3 Stimulate creativity

For all creators among us, that`s an important one: the next time you’re finding it difficult to motivate yourself at work, try wearing a sodalite crystal around your neck or out it in to your pocket. Ideal for those of you involved in the creative part of the industry, it’s thought to unlock your inner creativity, and help you reawaken your sleeping talents.

4 Promote confidence for public speaking

Talk at Frieze or new Youtube Webinar? Kick that public-speaking phobia by wearing a sapphire crystal, or keeping one in your pocket. It’s believed to help you express yourideas with greater confidence, and will have you nattering away in front of large audiences in no time.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 10.58.35

 5 Improve concentration 

Stop your mind from wandering at work after a hefty opening, and stay focused on what you’re doing by placing a piece of hematite on your desk. Known as the stone of the mind, it’s thought to strengthen your ability to concentrate, and will stop you dreaming about this handsome art dude when you should be knuckling down!

6 Memory booster

 Constantly forgetting everything? Known for having the memory of a goldfish (three seconds, in case you were wondering)? Then azurite’s the stone for you. Keep a piece in your pocket to help you remember important facts, and never be caught looking clueless again.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 10.57.57

 7 For all entrepreneurs out there

Ace any exam you’re given by keeping a piece of green tourmaline on your desk. Particularly, it’s ideal for anyone seeking to turn a life-long passion or dream into a career, and is the perfect crystal for all you aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

8 Ready to choose

Forever doubting every choice you make? Try wearing a piece of amber-adorned jewellery. It’s thought to boost your decision-making skills, and will stop you getting all flustered the next time you’re asked to choose something.


Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 10.59.35

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