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How To Get Over That Brick Wall That You Have Hit While WFH!
How to cure that anxiety hangover...
Art Girls Jungle 09 Sep 2020
Image via @sarahblahblah Instagram

Have you been hitting more brick walls than usual while working from home during lockdown? And not just any brick wall, but a brick wall so solid and immovable that you can’t see any way around it, no matter how hard you try? 

Is it any wonder our motivation, gratitude and energy levels are rapidly declining during this time? Because, here’s the thing: we’re not just working from home; we’re working from home during a pandemic, and not being able to go out to separate home and work is hard! So, time to be a little easier on yourself!

Here we offer top tips on how to get over or even better – break through -that mental “brick wall” your mind had built up while working from home, to keep you productive, focused and happy!  

Practice the art of self-care
If you are having an anxiety hangover, your mind and body is telling you to look after yourself.  Do something that lifts your spirits and reminds you why you do what you do, then go back to the difficult task at hand.  By practicing the art of self-care, you will bounce back sooner than if you try to push through.

Image via @mytherapistsays Instagram

Focus in on the three key lifestyle factors
These lifestyle factors will help promote optimal well-being in this time of crisis. Those three areas being the self-enhancing mindset, applying stress-reduction techniques and prioritising sleep hygiene.

Choose to focus on positive information
Think about things like how the virus recovery rate far exceeds the mortality rate. Or take the time to focus on how humanity is coming together in this uncertain time.

Turn on some uplifting tunes
In recent years, scientific studies have confirmed the connection between music and mood. Some studies have found that listening to music you enjoy may increase the release of pleasure-causing substances in the brain like melatonin. It may also decrease stress-causing hormone production in the body.

Rationalise your expectations
Know that it may not be possible to achieve the same quality and quantity of work from home as from the office.

Perhaps change your thinking toward that self-doubt
The good news is that self-doubt, odd as it may sound, can actually be a secret weapon for blooming. When properly managed, it can help combat complacency and improve our preparation and performance. It can drive us to question results, experiment with new strategies, and be open to alternate ways to solve problems 

Image via @takashipom Instagram

Try a different approach
There’s no shame in trying a new way of fixing the problem; it’s often a great learning experience. Be strong and admit if something’s not working. And if that doesn’t work, if you are finding the task completely impossible admit defeat and move on. You never know, after a good sleep you may be able to revisit the task the next day.

Take a time out!
Stepping away for a time to reconnect with the personal areas of life can provide a therapeutic break, a chance to clear your mind and regain a more appropriate perspective. 

A problem share is a problem halved
Ask a colleague for help or find the answers to your problem from the big wide web or your robot pal Alexa.

Reward yourself once you leap over that wall!
Treat yourself when you get over the brick wall, whether it be with a treat from the kitchen or by rewarding yourself by watching a fun show later on in the evening.

Remind yourself on what being resilient really means
Being ‘resilient’ is often thought of as being tough, strong and keeping going no matter what. In fact, you need to remember that resilience demands that we stop occasionally, take stock of things, adapt and grow in the light of new challenges and goals. Hitting a brick wall indicates that something is not working as initially anticipated. 

Text by Peigi Mackillop

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