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How To Glow-Up Your Daily Morning Commute
Stop scrolling endlessly through toxic social media in the AM
Art Stuff 22 Jan 2020


Image via @SaraShakeel

Despite the spread of remote work, many people still commute back and forth to an office. No matter what your commute to work is like, it can get boring and make you even more tired. Routine can get repetitive, to get more energy in the morning, you don’t need to drink an extra cup of coffee or scroll endlessly through toxic social media. Instead, try some of the following ideas to glow-up your morning commute to feel more like yourself in the morning and be mentally prepared when you arrive at work.


Dive into a podcast
Listening to your favourite podcast in the morning can help put you in the best mindset for the day. You can find some great suggestions for arty podcasts from The Art Gorgeous here and here.

Set positives intentions for the day
Getting into the daily habit of setting positive intentions will help psych you up about the workday ahead. It’s important to use positive language to set the tone for the rest of the day.

monring commute
Image via @SaraShakeel

Catch up with friends and family
With such busy lives, it’s hard for us to catch up with loved ones, but with your commute time to do what you wish, why not kill two birds with one stone and catch up with your friends and family? You can send them messages or pick up the phone for a chat. It will not only fill your time but also put you in a good mood as you’ll feel happy after talking to people that you love. (I usually wait to listen to my voice notes from friends and family when I have no signal on the train to fill in the time.)

Switch up your commute
It’s easy to fall into a morning routine and repeating the same rituals every morning can become a little repetitive. Instead of taking the same route to work, try switching it up by taking a different train line or alternative route to the office. Or why not get off one stop earlier and walk.  Switching up your morning commute will not only wake you up, but it will get you to focus in on your skills that will carry you through to the work day. If you live close enough to the workplace, try walking or biking to work one morning to improve your mood, reduce stress and get in some exercise before heading into the office.

Create a playlist of pump-up jams
Sometimes there’s nothing better than starting the day with some good, upbeat music. Your long commute to work is a great way to discover new music to boost your mood. You can listen to new albums from your favourite artist, playlists that will get you pumped for your evening workout or something relaxing to listen to before that meeting you are dreading.


Why not choose to meditate on your daily commute to put yourself into a calm headspace. Sit with your eyes closed, breath rhythmically through your nose and focus on the gentle rising and falling of your chest.  Find out more tips on how to mediate here.

Get creative
There are plenty of creative activities you can do on public transport if you aren’t driving. How about knitting, having a go at embroidery or giving sketching a go.  All do-able if you are lucky enough to get a seat during your commute.

Cut down the time it takes to get ready in the morning
If you have a long commute, how about using some of that travel time to get ready. Eat your breakfast, do your daily skin routine and apply your make-up, when your hands are free.  Giving you extra time to snooze in the morning.


Earn money!
How about giving a side hustle a go during your morning routine to earn some extra cash. Because hey – travelling into work can be expensive. Check out some side hustle ideas here that you can do even from your phone or laptop.

Learn something new
Why not use the time to learn something new? Have a go at learning a language or a new skill. There are numerous courses online you can take – even for free. Find a guide to great creative courses here.

Catch up on some reading
It’s important to give your mind a workout, take advantage of your morning commute to make time for some daily reading. Not only will you be able to spend some time relaxing before work, but you will be able to keep your soft skills sharp!

Text by Peigi Mackillop

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