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How To Maintain Your Career While Quarantining
How to stay productive (and connected) with your career in the era of coronavirus
Career 08 Feb 2021

Corona almost celebrates its first birthday in Europe and is still not over, while some countries celebrate slight relaxations of restrictions, most of us are still …(can you guess right?)… WFH.

Here are 10 tips for staying productive (and sane and connected) with your career in the era of this endless pandemic:

1. Take an online course
Explore online courses to continue studying, build professional skills, and connect with experts. There are endless amounts of great learning and training courses online. Just a few include FuturelearnGeneral AssemblyTechChangeTeachable and Coursera. Use the time to finally learn Python, UX/UI, machine learning, or project management, etc. By diving headfirst into the realms of the internet you can find a variety of free or relatively cheap creative courses. The wide selection of courses on offer will not only help with your creativity but also boost cognitive functions and hone in those problem-solving and thinking skills. You can read more about our favourite art online courses here and here.

2. Schedule more video chats with colleagues and clients 
Organise virtual coffees over Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, WebEx, etc. Be sure to use the video option to make the exchange more personal.

3. Attend a virtual summit
More and more industries are getting creative about hosting virtual meetups and conferences. Consider attending or even helping organise one.

4. Engage more on LinkedIn
The average person spends only 17 mins a month on LinkedIn! Now is a great time to update your profile, write more posts, comment and more!

5. Work on your portfolio & CV
Why not use this time to update your portfolio and CV. You never know when you may need it. Much better to do it while you have some down time at home then in a panic when you need a job ASAP.

6. Clean up your online presence 
Unfortunately hiring managers do tend to conduct a stealth stalking session once they lay eyes on your name when the CV drops on their desk. Clean up your online presence by deleting old cringeworthy photos, getting rid of old blogs and make your accounts private.

BTS loves you

7. Organise your working wardrobe 
Reduce your morning stress when you go back to work by re-organsing your wardrobe. Channel Marie Kondo and figure out what items actually spark joy in your life. Split your wardrobe into casual wear and work wear, so when you do return back to work you are not panic throwing jeans out of your cupboard onto the floor while looking for that blouse. While you are in an organising mood why not also clean out your work bag too.

8. Swat up and read
What better way to fully immerse yourself in the art world while stuck in your cosy apartment than reading a book! Reading isn’t only great for your brain, but also introduces you to new ideas, invites you to solve problems, helps your writing abilities, improves your conversational skills and challenges your imagination which will help elevate your career prospects.

9.  Listen to an inspirational Podcast
Not a big reader but still want advice on how to snag a promotion or switch careers? – There is a podcast for that! Find our favorite artworld podcasts here.

10. Keep calm and carry on 
Meditate, do some YouTube exercise classes, have a nap, take a warm bath – remember to take a break and look after yourself while working from home. That way you won’t run out of steam and be productive when you are working.

Need more tips for working from home – find out here.

Text by Peigi Mackillop
Image via @bstlovesyou

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