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How To Network Effectively Online
How to widen your circle in the digital age
Career 08 Sep 2020

We’ve all spent way too much time online this year. Zoom, social media and LinkedIn all sore a massive boost in engagement, with the art world really embracing tech too. But, have we really been making the right kind of impact with our digital activity? We’ve got a few handy tips to make sure your online networking goes the extra mile. 

Go Beyond A Friend Request

Connecting with people you look up to online is great and all, but don’t make that connection go to waste. Let people know why you are following them, message them to tell them that you admire their work and why. They are likely to appreciate the message and will be more likely to interact with you.

Comment, Don’t Like

Liking does show that you are engaging with content, but your small act of support is likely to disappear within seconds. By commenting you are stating your opinions loud and clear. You’ll be much harder to miss. 

Keep It Short

There is nothing worse than a long message or comment on social media. Our attention spans tend to be shorter online and it’s unlikely anyone will read past the first few lines. Keep written communication short and snappy.

Don’t Just Like Content, Post Too

Interacting with potential contacts by liking and sharing their posts is great, but you should also demonstrate what you can offer too. Make sure that you update your networks with news about recent jobs or articles that you’ve written, it’ll sure to impress them.

Follow Up With A Phone Call

It’s great chatting to someone online and all, but nothing really beats a phone call (besides coffee IRL but obviously, that’s on pause for now). Once you feel like you’ve built up a good relationship, ask whether you might ring your new contact for a chat. There is so much you can gain from listening to a person’s voice. 

Make Use Of All Forms Of Social Media

Naturally, the networks and the people you will engage with on LinkedIn could be worlds away from those you chat with on Twitter. Likewise, Instagram is a different ball game. Make you use of all social media channels, and be sure to differentiate how you interact with each one.

Keep Your Profiles Up To Date

Whoever you are trying to network with will undoubtedly be checking your profile. Is your photo looking fresh? Have you updated your details recently? Make sure that your digital profiles are looking polished, it will make all the difference. 

Join An Online Community

Besides the regular friend requesting on social media and LinkedIn you can join online communities too. These may be professional networks within your own sector like The Art Gorgeous House where you can network with people with similar interests and career ambitions. These networks are likely to not only help boost your career, but may also put on digital and IRL events too, both career oriented and fun-focused!

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