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How to perfect the video conference call
Because a video call is the new business lunch
Art Girls Jungle 04 Apr 2020

Man repeller

Most organisations will be reliant on video conference calls to maintain a normal working environment during the current climate. So now is the time to perfect your webcam pout and find out our do’s and don’ts to  perfect your video conference calls.

Make sure to have a stable internet connection

Asking “sorry what did you say again?” will get annoying. If your internet connection is down, you can always attempt hot spotting from your phone or simply be honest and reschedule until it is working again.

Select a good video conferencing software

A top quality video conferencing software like Zoom will help in facilitating proper business communication. It is possible to download these type of applications for free which will help maximise the virtual conferences for higher business returns.

Dress properly

Keep in mind that it is a formal setting and therefore dress accordingly. Don’t sit there in your pjs and a towel on your head.

Make an agenda 

It is a good idea to include an agenda before via email for the meeting along with the meeting invitation. This will allow the other members of the meeting to understand why they have been invited and also they will be able to prepare appropriately.

Image via aleteia.org/

Get rid of the distractions

Remember the video that went viral of the dad whose children ran merrily into the office during the conference call – soon after being swooped away by their mother? That was cute and probably a similar situation could be unavoidable at a time like this. But having your phone on loud or your boyfriend walking past in his underwear however is not. Prior to the meeting, make certain that there is no obstacle or sound in the line of sight of your camera which can distract the other participants to the best of your ability.

Never speak at the same time

It becomes really challenging when there are lots of guests in the same conference. You need to practice patience and refrain from speaking while others are expressing themselves.

Select an appropriate venue

This may be tricky if you live in a small flat, however you can work with what you have. Sit with a wall behind you and clean the space that is in view of the camera. And if this isn’t possible give your meeting participants a laugh by choosing a funny background pretending to be in a digital meeting room.

Text by Peigi Mackillop

Image via the @manrepeller Instagram

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