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How To Support The Arts When You Are Broke
Support the arts without spending a dollar
Art Stuff 13 Sep 2022

Shown here: Jean Pierre Saint-Ours, “The Reunion of Cupid and Psyche,” 1793. Image via LACMA Instagram

The idea of supporting an artist pal or small creative business usually conjures up images of dollar bill signs and an thinning wallet. But guess what…you can support the arts without even buying anything and here is how.

Like their posts on social media
A little support goes a long way. Like posts if if you like them. Turn on notifications if you are a super fan.

Share their content
The more you share, the better! Help your friend / the creator, reach as large of an audience as possible.


The Empress Eugenie Surrounded by her Ladies in Waiting – Franz Xaver Winterhalte via myartprints

Comment something kind
Kind words mean the world to someone when they pour their heart into what they create. Say something nice. It only takes a minute and it’s free.

Sign up to their emails
Receive their newsletters to be the first to hear about their new projects, and that’s often where they will point you to specific ways to support them.

Post pics
If you have bought a creation or have attended an event, share pictures and make sure you credit the artist. Offer others your experience with that artist / business.

Attend their openings
Whether it be a screening, opening or artist talk – attend and make your presence felt by spreading the word. Invite people along with you – the more the merrier.


Sharing Secrets, Oil on canvas by Frederic Soulacroix via Fine Art America

Write a glowing review
Think of the amount of times you have scanned reviews before investing your money or time on something? A positive review for someone’s work you love can go a LONG way .

Request them as an interview guest
If there is a blog, website, podcast…doing a call out on the hunt for new muse, shoot them a suggestion. Lots of outlets are looking for guests that overlap with and extend their existing fan base.

Ask them what else you can do
Show your friend that you are there to support them – broke or not. Most likely there will be something simple that you can do that will go a long way. Just ask!

Spread the word
Tell all your friends and family ( who may have the money to spend to help out financially ) how great your friends art/ business is.

So, yes! The smallest efforts can go a long way !

Text by Peigi Mackillop

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