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How To Work Full-time and Manage A Side Hustle
How to kill it outside of your 9-to-5
Art Stuff 11 May 2021

Sometimes the path to art world greatness isn’t always clear-cut. It’s not easy to sign with a blue-chip gallery, get a director’s position or show at a biennial from the word go. Many a gallerina had to start paving the way to her dream job while also working full time in a position they didn’t feel was quite the right fit in order to make ends meet while she figured out how to get there.
Want to open a gallery, start painting like Picasso or set up your own art advisory? That’s great, but realistically you’ll probably still be working your 9-to-5 while you figure out to make your passion project work. Girl, whatever your thing is we’re here to support you. Usually what we do on the side – our “side hustles” – have to be conducted out of working hours, in the evenings while watching Netflix, or on the weekend in-between chilling with our friends. Basically, it’s not easy, but if you have the drive and the passion you can totally make your side hustle work, and here are some tips on how to stay sane in the process.

Make Sure Your Side Hustle Is Something You Are Passionate About
This may seem obvious, but many people take on extra work just because they think it will bring them status. If you don’t want to hate yourself it would be a lot more rewarding to do something that you are genuinely obsessed with. You’ll be happier, and also more likely to succeed.

Find A Side Hustle Partner In Crime
More often than not, passion projects begin as solo endeavours, which often means we struggle to motivate each other. It also means a lot of hard work and nobody to help out with it. If you can find someone to jump on board with you, everything will be easier, and probably a lot more fun too!

Try Not To Stay Too Late In The Office
We know this is a difficult one. If you are strict with working your 9-to-5 during 9-to-5 hours only then you will actually be able to plan and make progress on your side hustle more easily. Knowing that you’ll be out of the office door by a certain time will give you less anxiety as to how you’re ever going to finish up those personal emails.

Plan, Plan, Plan
A side hustle is a side hustle because you can’t work on it during regular hours. And while much of your free time should be used putting energy into this project, it’s good to also allow some alone time for yourself too, just to make sure you don’t go completely insane. If you plan and manage your time in advance, then you’ll be able to also factor in some spare hours for the things you want to do to relax, be that reading a book, getting a spray-tan or just having some time to eat a pizza with friends.

Be Selective
When you’re trying to make it on your own, it can be tempting to say yes to everything in order to raise your profile and keep yourself relevant, but is it really worth it? Probably not. It’s good to be selective so that you don’t waste your valuable time on projects you’ll wish you never shook hands on five years down the line.

Words Lizzy Vartanian
Images @2000s_babe, @80902000kids, @_carimi_

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