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Inspo for Art World Halloween Costumes
Here are our favorites we’ve caught online to turn heads at art parties
Entertainment 30 Oct 2018

With all the spooky films released this fall – from Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis to Suspiria with Dakota Johnson – it’s hard to imagine that Halloween is just a few days away. Art world Halloween costumes are usually off the hook (remember Beyonce’s take on Frida Kahlo?), but here are our favorites we’ve caught online to turn heads at this week’s art parties.

Banksy costumes

These two are a must-try. First, the shredded painting Girl with Balloon that saw a media storm after it self destructed at Sotheby’s is an iconic tribute to the world’s most famous anonymous artist. Rage, Flower Thrower is an iconic piece showing a man in streetwear throwing a bouquet of flowers. With the right amount of black and white paint, as well as baseball cap and flowers, you can pull off this look with the right pose.

Roy Lichtenstein

Cover your face with Ben-Day dots! Use clown makeup or even lip liner. The pop artist from the 1960s is best known for his dotted cartoons and this one artist recreated it perfectly with retro hair and bold outlined makeup. All she needs now is a speech bubble.

Pablo Picasso

Got a picture frame hanging around the house? Look no further. This costume is truly for the crafter in your network. With some 1980s hats, colorful scarves, plastic pearls, a picture frame and paint, you too can be a cubist muse in a Picasso painting – with the right styling.

Edvard Munch’s The Scream

The most creative way to wear a Ghostface mask? Not with an all-black dress, but with a carpet showing Munch’s painting, of course. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Grant Wood’s American Gothic

Two bloggers who go under the name Seakettle came up with this ingenious idea to dress up as Grant Wood’s famous painting, American Gothic. Their insider tip? Be careful when choosing a picture frame. “When dressing up as a famous painting, a large, gaudy frame is essential to the outfit. However, large frames are quite expensive, and even if you have a suitable frame, you may not want to endanger it by dragging it around Halloween parties or neighborhood trick-or-treating. To solve this problem, we built a large, inexpensive frame from surplus baseboard we had laying around.”

Text by Nadja Sayej
Photos via twitter, pinterest, verusart, culturetrip.com

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