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Every Art Person Will Love These iPhone Apps
This is us- typing when crossing the street, instagramming when lunching with friends.
Art Stuff 27 Jan 2020

This is us- typing when crossing the street, instagramming when lunching with friends.
iPhone is our right hand and if it is not on the gram it didn’t happen, you know the drill.
Funny, the previous generation used paper calendars and maps and had to dial a taxi company from a landline, now we spend days in art fairs or art metropoles just with the flat rectangle box. Yes, we all have whatsapp, Uber, the gram, you name it, but we are not like the others right? We are art people and we need different applications to survive in the art world. Here is a bunch of apps that can make your art life much easier. Some of them your might have never heard of, others you will wonder why they are not in your phone already.



Are you an art girl or boy living in London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles or Berlin? No? Then, the good art person you are, you surely travel to these art metropoles to check out what’s the latest coolest in the art world. SeeSaw app will give you a list of commercial galleries and their current shows for each of these cities. Each city is even divided into districts and galleries are listed based on that area.What’s more, it offers section ‘closing this week’ and ‘opening this week’ so you can pump yourself up to an opening night.



If you don’t have an Instagram page full of pictures posing in front of , next to or on the top of an art piece you are not the art person you claim to be. So go and snap some pics and don’t get discouraged by shadows and bad lighting because there is Seed – a photo editing app that will make your little art pics almost flawless.Control freaks will especially enjoy the great exposure tool, which will correct your gallery light into perfection.



On those boring days sitting at your gallery desk waiting for a client to arrive you should kill your time with something art efficient – download Kickstarter.It is  a crowdfunding platform for bringing creative projects to life. Artists struggling with funding for their art project create proposals and how much they need to make their projects happen. Instead of getting your third matcha latte of the day, donate a little something on your favourite art project.  And  as a reward you will receive updates, kits, invitations or souvenirs from the project they helped to realize.

Go with Yamo


Go with Yamo is the ultimate personalised art guide app for any global art trotter. From finding current exhibitions to attending exciting art events, go with Yamo will guide you through the art world in art metropoles in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and US. And f you are feeling playful, you can collect reward points when attending various art locations and then redeem them in Yamo’s in-app gift shop. Are you on the other side of the business and you are the one hosting an exciting new exhibition? Just don’t be lazy and upload your masterpiece show in 8 easy steps.

Written by Adele Smejkal
Photos via twitter; artnet; fingerdaily

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