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Isabelle Bscher: The Swiss Gallerist You Need to Know
From Curating with Karl Lagerfeld to Betty Boop Memorabilia
Entertainment 04 Jun 2019

From curating pioneer exhibitions about women artists and throwing the best parties in New York, Isabelle Bscher is the Switzerland-based gallerist you need to know about. She comes from a long line of female art world powerhouses – her grandmother Antonina founded Galerie Gmurzynska that she now runs with her mother Krystyna.
Championing women artists, Galerie Gmurzynska’s latest show Amazoniki will feature over 50 years of her mother and grandmother’s collecting of women artists of the avant garde.
Isabelle has also worked with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, whom she has curated exhibitions for in New York. And in March, she was elected one of America’s top 100 party hosts by The Salonniere. We sat down with Isabelle to talk about her experience of the art world, Eurythmics and her favourite art gents.

20190604_Isabelle Bscher_theartgorgeous

In the art world currently I find most exciting that…
It is ever expanding and becoming more and more global. As well as the influence of online as a a platform and disrupter.

Number of unanswered mails in your account today…
Way too many… But I am not the greatest at filtering out ads and spam either.

Perfect working outfit…
Hmmm, I love colour. A cute dress or my almost daily fall back is denim with a blazer or a cardigan…And loads and loads of bangles…

Your everyday online art read is…
Instagram, Twitter, NYTimes, artnet

Most ridiculous thing you ever bought…
I have bought many useless trinkets that I like anyways. My collection of Betty Boop memorabilia is a testament to that.

This song brings you in a good mood straight away…
Anything Billy Idol or Eurythmics

Favourite art x brand collaboration…
The collaboration we did with the Yves Klein estate and the great cashmere brand Lucien Pellat-Finet and I love the sneakers that Nate Lowman did with Converse

You first post on Instagram…
My friends` dog, a gorgeous Swiss Bernese Mountain dog in San Francisco..

Favourite hashtag…

Your art world muses…
Kusama, my mother, Ann Tempkin, Stephanie Barron

Describe yourself with three emojis…

Art world gent I would love to have lunch with…
So many great gents and ladies in the art world. I love having lunch with Joan Punyet-Miró in Mallorca or Johnny Pigozzi is the most fun and knowledgeable.

Artist(s) we should have on our watch list is/are…
I was just in Tokyo and thought that the young artistic scene there is absolutely fascinating

My favourite jewellery…
Mene, designed by Diana Widmayer Picasso


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Curator – Public Programmes
Whitechapel Gallery - London, UK
Research Associate, Krasner & Pollock Exhibition
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, USA
Artist Liaison
Art Works Gallery & Advisory - Singapore
Artist Manager
Karimah Ashadu - Germany