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It’s almost spring finally!!! and fashion and art know it
A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture
Entertainment 15 Apr 2022

While you see Hollywood explode between j-LO’s 1000th engagement and Johnny Deep’s trial and on the other hand, Europe still wondering if we’re finally out of winter or not and getting our brain exploding with these contradictions, this was what happened in the middle of art and fashion.

1. Jean-Paul Gaultier, La Belle Fleur Terrible

It is very clear that Jean-Paul Gauthier is the king of the onirich characters taken from more than one Almodovar-style scene, and that for many years he has seduced us with his inclusive market and with all kinds of formalities, but this time he enchanted us, with the new campaign of his perfume, “La belle fleur Terrible” and the photos made by the trendy photographer of the new millennial stars @GorkaPostigo.

The artistic universe of the new campaign makes us travel between vanilla fragrances and flowers, the artist’s secret garden makes it clear that we can all have that ultra-feminine inner venus and ready to go out and enjoy the summer that we have been waiting so much these last strange days. Personally I think it is a bold and quite tight campaign where they address the issue of inclusion with a lot of style and elegance, in a very stylish typical signature of the creator.

2. Barbara Segal takes stone and luxury to another level

Barbara Segal is an artist who loves to play with the perspective between commercial objects and sculptures, playing with luxury, art and fashion and bringing them to other levels. Since 2016, she has won the hearts of social networks by presenting these spectacular pieces.

From an artist point of view, his works have many readings about the consumer society and the status of the object. Among the brands cited in his collection we can see everything from Chanel, Hermes, LV and other iconic fashion pieces to a basic black leather jacket. But, what they have in common is that they are all represented with semi-precious stones, from rose quartz to a wonderful onyx stone.

3. Felix Gonzales – Roni Horn Bourse  de Commerce

Paris  Bourse de Commerce

From April 6 to September 26, 2022

Félix is one of the artists who left us a great legacy in art. He was one of the great artists who dared to speak publicly about AIDS problem, about LGBT communities, and was never afraid to have a diverse dialogue with his audience. He deconsecrated the status of the object, and for this exhibition the artist will also be accompanied by Roni Horn in a dialogue that highlights the principles of duplication, duality, and identity that operate in the practices of the two artists.

His artworks express a common approach that is uncompromising and has the same economy of means. Their similarities also lie in their shared political or activist themes.

In Room 2 of the Bourse de Commerce, the exhibition unfolds a conversation of great works, around an emblematic base of his practice.

4. Vespa x Smeg

The sun rises, and we are readier than ever to attend the spring exhibitions. But we need the perfect accessory to complete these sunny days and go through all the exhibitions with style and respect for the environment…  Fortunately, the new Vespa X Smeg motorcycle with picnic accessories included is here, and you should ask “Hello spring is that you?”.

Its round retro Vespa style made us fall in love with it for years, but this time, by creating this electric gadget it simply takes us to another level. No more thermic motor, leaves more space to design, and that e-scooter concept seduces retro lovers with style and innovation. In the “classic motor dedicated space”, this scooter includes small appliances that will make your picnic a unique experience between technology and style.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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