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Administration Assistant
Administration Assistant
Post Date: 16 Sep 2023


A beyond-borders en;ty in essence, NOMAD is the art world’s most elegant response to a

growing interest in experiencing and collec;ng contemporary art and design. NOMAD unites

the discerning art community with standout exhibi;ons by interna;onal galleries in

extraordinary architectural loca;ons.

NOMAD’s exci;ng and hyper-modern bou;que format allows for a unique dialogue between

art, architecture and design in a very personal context. Within the refined historical interiors

of Chesa Planta in St. Moritz, the grand rooms of Villa La Vigie in Monaco or Palazzo Soranzo

Van Axel Palazzo in Venice, at least 4000 interna;onal high-net worth visitors already aUend

each edi;on of NOMAD. Every showcase lasts four to five days and has a carefully selected

guest list. NOMAD is an incubator for these special moments with new acquaintances,

future colleagues and old companions.


– Support in the crea;on, weekly update and control of NOMAD budgets in coordina;on

with management teams.

– Assistance and monitoring in the NOMAD cash flow opera;ons.

– Produc;on of an annual report with figures, aUendance and highlights of edi;ons.

– Development of presenta;ons and documents to facilitate effec;ve client engagement,

new client acquisi;on and general informa;on.

– Technical support and invoices management with weekly payments coordina;on.

– Liaison with external accoun;ng agencies and tax office.


– Flexible organisa;on, tailored collabora;on and excellent communica;on skills.

– Experience in administra;on and managing deadlines, working on projects and events with

a team.

– Good wriUen and spoken English

– Independence and self-organiza;on is fundamental since there is no office.

– The posi;on is considered free-lance and hired on a project base.

– Possibility to be based in any EU country and the candidate has to be available for monthly

trips / general team mee;ngs.

Trial period of 3 months



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